BMW Angel Eye Upgrade Kit – Want Something Brighter Than Stock H8 Bulbs?

bmw angel eyes upgrades

If you are looking for a BMW upgrade that will get you the look of the latest BMWs, you might want to take a look at your angel eye headlights and compare them to headlights of current BMW models to see where your existing set stands. If you see your headlights are like any regular [...]

Hottest BMW Upgrades and Accesories for August

Keep your BMW in top condition, get BMW parts!

One indicator of the quality of a product, is how well it sells, and for how long. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about music (the Macarena spent 60 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart!). To give our fans and customers a little more insight on what sells the best, we have compiled a [...]

Use A Sprint Booster To Improve Your BMW’s Throttle Response

If you have a drive-by-wire car that has an electronic throttle body, then you probably feel the lag or delayed throttle response from the time you step on the throttle pedal. This lag time on the throttle response is very common on drive-by-wire throttle system. If you want the throttle to be more responsive, then [...]

Modified BMW Gauge Faces: You Don’t Have To Put Up With That Old Dashboard Display

One of the things you look at the most inside your car is the in-dash display. Perhaps you have done several upgrades in an attempt to enhance the appearance of your BMW’s interior, but have you done anything to the dashboard display? If you want the best look for your display, you don’t have to [...]

Top 7 BMW Mods Under $50

E36 M3 Black Alcantara Shift Boot

Contrary to popular automotive folklore, you CAN mod your BMW on a budget. I’m not talking about electrical tape racing stripes or cheap parts found on shady websites from companies you’ve never even heard of (What kind of a company is and why do they want me to buy something called Outside LED Foggy [...]

BMW SUV Accessories Add Style To Your All Wheel Drive BMW SUV

bmw suv upgrades2

BMW has a lot to be proud about and this include their BMW SUV. BMW is proud of their collection of SUVs and who wouldn’t be since they were able to produce great vehicles for families and car enthusiasts. With their SUVs also comes great BMW SUV accessories that you can add up to even [...]

BMW Exterior Upgrades – Give Your BMW An Even More Distinct and Sporty Look

bmw exterior upgrades

When it comes to stylish luxury vehicles, you can always put BMW vehicles on the list. Though BMWs are known for its style and elegance, you may want to go further more with BMW exterior upgrades. You can make your BMW look more visually appealing when you do some exterior upgrades. With plenty of aftermarket BMW [...]

Consider Upgrading Your BMW Tail Lights In Your Next BMW Exterior Modifications

bmw tail lights

A simple car can turn into a stylish attention getting ride when the lights are updated. What more when you modify the lights of an elegant BMW. One of the exciting modifications you can do to your BMW is the lighting upgrade. Many mod enthusiasts look for clear lens tail lights to give their BMWs that [...]

Consider These Great BMW 3 Series Modifications In Your Next BMW Modifications

BMW 3 Series Mods

How do you start modifying a beautiful car such as the BMW 3 series? They are made in style while still providing great performance that is BMW most popular with. The 3 series has so much to offer and is also perfect for anyone since they are available in a convertible, coupe, sedan and sports [...]

Your Beautiful BMW SUV Deserves The Finest BMW SUV Upgrades

bmw suv upgrades

We can always look forward for great looking automobiles when it comes to BMW. They are known for creating solidly built with well-balanced handling, exceptional engine, and fancy and comfortable car interior. When it comes to their SUV, they are also the same. BMW SUVs are designed with the latest evolution in sports in mind [...]