BMW Lighting Package – HIDs, Angel Eyes, and more!


Its no surprise that all the luxury car manufacturers are going with LEDs and Xenon lights for their cars instead of traditional halogen lights. These days, most new BMW cars come outfitted with Xenon (or HID) headlights, and LED halos, turn signals, tail lights, and side-markers. The main reason for these changes: LEDs and Xenons [...]

BMW Parts – Exclusive Pricing on BMW Upgrades


[i4w_onlyfor tagid='1434'] Hi ///BA Members! Curious about what exclusive offers you’ll receive for being part of our elite VIP group? Well look no further because we’ve listed them all for you below. Take a moment and let the joy of saving money sweep over you. Feel that little tingle of excitement you get from finding [...]

Great Discount on Powerflex Bushings


Hello There ///BA Members, Are you dying for some more VIP savings? Well say no more because we have a new coupon coming your way. This one is for Powerflex Bushings. (See below for details) Powerflex Bushings increase performance and the life of your tires. BMW stock rubber bushings are soft. Soft is close to [...]

Premier Pricing on Springs (Too Low To List)


Hello Again ///BA Members! We have another amazing coupon for you for Eibach Springs! (See details below) Springs can make a bigger difference than you might think. Aftermarket spring kits usually lower the suspension, reduce or eliminate body roll on corners and improve handling. If you choose to go with larger wheels and tires, you’ll [...]

Exclusive Coupon on AFE Filters


Hello ///BA Members! A cold air intake is the most popular go-to part. Take advantage of our latest “Bavarian Alliance Only” Coupon. (See below for more details) Pop almost any hood of a BMW owned by a hardcore enthusiast and you’ll never find a factory intake. A cold air intake, or cool air intake in [...]

Exclusive Pricing on Remus Exhaust


Well Hello There ///BA Members!   It’s time for another Exclusive VIP Coupon!! This one is for Remus Exhaust Systems. (See details below) If you haven’t updated the exhaust system on your BMW, now is the perfect time to go for it! Exhaust systems are another major area of restriction when it comes to factory [...]

BMW Pedals at 25% Off!


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Get BMW Grills 25% Off -Black, Carbon Fiber, Painted, Etc.


Hey ///BA Members! We’ve got a great “///BA Members Only” promotion going on for grills! (See below for the secret coupon code) The grill on a BMW is like the brand’s identification. Without that grill it’s just not a BMW. The most popular thing to do with the grill on your BMW is to go [...]

Bavarian Alliance Premium Pricing: 30% Off Exterior Lighting!


Achtung! You will be excited to hear that ALL EXTERIOR LIGHTING is now eligible for premium pricing (For Bavarian Alliance members only). Whether you are looking for a set of HID’s, a hot new set of headlights with the built in angel eye rings or you are looking to get smoked lenses all around, this [...]