BMW Roundels – Don’t Forget To Include New BMW Roundels And Emblems On Your Maintenance


It comes natural for car enthusiasts to do some modifications to maintain the top-notch condition of your car. No matter what BMW model you drive, if you are a real BMW enthusiasts you will not let a small thing ruin the beautiful look of your car. Yeah, not even a small thing like chipped, pitted, [...]

Stylish BMW Lenses – Smoked Or Clear BMW Lenses?

Smoked or clear? It’s just a personal taste.

Do you feel that your BMW needs a new look and want a few modifications to achieve the look you have in your mind? When it comes to BMW modifications, there are many choices and decisions to make. To help you narrow down your options, let’s talk about the two kinds of BMW lenses that [...]

BMW Angel Eyes Upgrade – How These Incredible Lights Change Your BMW

bmw angel eyes upgrade

For a real car enthusiast, the term “angel eyes” is an easy clue. The first thing that will come to mind is a BMW vehicle. Well, what are angel eyes anyways? They are the circular shape rings, which are also called “demon eyes” located in the BMW headlights. This fascinating automotive lighting device has been with BMW since 2001 [...]

BMW Wheels Upgrade – Your Car Will Look Much Better With Newer BMW Wheels

Newer BMW wheels make a noticeable upgrade.

Replacing some parts of your BMW plays an important role in smartening up your car and maintaining its top notch look. Because the wheels can easily make a stunning impression, one way of bringing your BMW at its best look is by upgrading your BMW wheels. It is the most common way for many BMW [...]

BMW Grills – A Great Upgrade For A Reasonable Price!

Stealth Front Kidney Grills

The purpose of your kidney grilles does not just beautify the vehicle although it provides the signature of your BMW. However, there are also other functions of these grilles than just enhancing the car’s look. The most important function of the BMW grills is that it provides your radiator some space to breathe. It is [...]

BMW E46 Inspection and Oil Service Light Reset DIY

Follow the easy steps to reset the service indicator for oil or inspection service.

In our previous article, we talked about do-it-yourself E46 oil change. If your DIY skills are high, changing the oil of your E46 is something accomplishable. Once your oil change job is done, the next thing you need to do is to reset the Oil/Inspection Service light. The computer is not smart enough to process [...]

BMW E46 Oil Change DIY – Get BMW E46 Inspection Kit


Late for work because you have to drop your car up at the dealership to get it serviced? Well, “get your car serviced” is just them going to change the oil and probably trying to find some things and charge you money for other services. When you want your BMW E46 oil changed, you can [...]

Popular DIY BMW Mods

BMW Mods

Everyone loves to see a beauteous car. That’s why many people modify their cars. What BMW mods are in your list? If you are still thinking of the mods for your BMW model, here are some of the popular DIY BMW mods to give BMW enthusiast and first time BMW owners nice ideas at the [...]

BMW Fog Light Options – Time To Replace Fog Lights!

Don't let cloudy and damaged fog lights ruin the beauty of your BMW. Time to replace fog lights!

If one of your fog lights fell off or cracked, do not just tape it of keep it looking like that. Yellowed, pitted or cracked fog lights can ruin the elegant look of your BMW. Do not let old fog lights take away the beauty of your ride. It is time to replace fog lights [...]

Angel Eye Headlights – An Upgrade That Will Surely Impress Your Friends

You'll be pleased with the Angel Eye headlights upgrade.

Class, performance, comfort and reliability embody all BMW models. Despite the ultimate driving machine’s superb features, sometimes BMW owners want more. They want to drive with even more style. One of the popular BMW mods is the Angel Eye headlights upgrade. Many BMW owners and enthusiasts find this an excellent upgrade to light up the [...]