BMW Xenon Lights – Nice Upgrade To Brighten Up Your Bimmer

E38 Xenon Lights

If you are looking to upgrade your BMW lights, add some aftermarket xenon lights to your BMW headlights projectors. Have you been cruising around with a busted headlight for months? Then, get it together! It is a perfect time to upgrade your headlights. There are a lot of benefits to upgrading your headlights with BMW [...]

Bimmers of the Month for August 2013

Peter Hamamji E92

This month, we asked Stealth Auto fans from all around the world to send us pictures of their upgraded and modified BMWs. We received A TON of responses, but can only post our top three favorites. This month we’re going with a M3 theme. Luckily, our top three submissions each came from three different generations. [...]

BMW Lighting Package – HIDs, Angel Eyes, and more!


Its no surprise that all the luxury car manufacturers are going with LEDs and Xenon lights for their cars instead of traditional halogen lights. These days, most new BMW cars come outfitted with Xenon (or HID) headlights, and LED halos, turn signals, tail lights, and side-markers. The main reason for these changes: LEDs and Xenons [...]

What Does Your BMW Look Like From Behind?


You don’t see the backside of your BMW very often, but everyone behind you does. It is interesting to know what they think when looking at your tail lights. Let’s put it this way, if you were in their position, what would you say about the rear view of your car? Dull? Not bad? Awesome? [...]

Hottest BMW Upgrades and Accesories for August

Keep your BMW in top condition, get BMW parts!

One indicator of the quality of a product, is how well it sells, and for how long. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about music (the Macarena spent 60 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart!). To give our fans and customers a little more insight on what sells the best, we have compiled a [...]

Top 7 BMW Mods Under $50

E36 M3 Black Alcantara Shift Boot

Contrary to popular automotive folklore, you CAN mod your BMW on a budget. I’m not talking about electrical tape racing stripes or cheap parts found on shady websites from companies you’ve never even heard of (What kind of a company is and why do they want me to buy something called Outside LED Foggy [...]

E46 BMW Brake Upgrade: Want High Performance Stopping Power?

e46 m3 brakes

  Does it take a little while for your E46 3 series BMW to stop when you hit the brakes? The way your BMW stops depends on the condition of your car’s brake system. It is important that your brakes maintain that stopping power. You know brakes are important to your car because they keep [...]

BMW Sidemarkers: Complete the Updated Look of Your Vehicle with Clear or Smoked Sidemarkers


The importance of putting side markers will help pedestrians and other running vehicles to know the presence of your vehicle. It is necessary that your vehicle’s presence, position and travel direction is known in every angle. The lights in your vehicle will help in improving this thus side markers should also be acknowledged. The challenge [...]

BMW Grilles: Gloss Black or Matte Black Grilles?

BMW matte black grilles always look great on BMWs.

Are you looking to replace your blemished chrome BMW grilles with black kidney grilles? Many BMW owners switched to black kidney grilles because they look so much better than the chrome. Interestingly, there is some discussion and debate on which black kidney grilles to get, gloss black or matte black grilles? For those who have [...]

BMW Brake Pads – Don’t Take Chances, Replace Your Worn BMW Brake Pads Now!


Brake repair is a very critical thing to do because your breaks keep you and family safe. It is one of the important things that you should not forget in your maintenance check up. If your brakes need repair do not take a risk in the hope of that it will be alright, repair them [...]