BMW 360 Electric Is Here To Hold Your Hand


Buying an electric car can be a daunting experience, you’re basically investing into the future. A car that needs a plug? Where do I plug it in? How do I charge it? Those issues are all addressed and handled by BMW‘s new 360 Electric service, which is offered to anyone willing to buy an electric [...]

The Most Expensive BMW 7-Series Ever Built!


I think most of us can agree that Iron Man looks pretty damn cool, but his companion, War Machine, always was more aesthetically  appealing to me. Why? I look at him and see the extra bells and whistles, but most of all it’s the fact that he’s covered in silver! BMW Individual has teamed up [...]

BMW Carbon-Fiber Accessories! What Is All The Hype About?


Carbon-fiber and carbon-fiber accessories seem to be everywhere like Pokemon cards in the early 2000′s, but unlike simple trading cards, carbon-fiber does provide practical advantages. Some advantages include contributions to aesthetics, weight, repair costs, and safety. First, we have to know what carbon-fiber actually is. So many people discuss the material without knowing what it really [...]

Are You Curious About The E36 E46 Differences?

e36 v e46

The E36 and E46 both belong to the BMW’s 3 Series. These cars consist of midsize vehicles and upscale ones. They were made in coupe, convertible sedan, hatchback and station wagon body styles. The E36 was first made for sale in 1990 until 1998. The E48 replaced the E38 in 1998. If you are a [...]

BMW Car Cover – Protect the Most Vulnerable Parts of Your BMW With The Highest Quality Cover Fabric

bmw car cover

Are you parking your BMW outdoors? Then your car needs an all weather protection. You know parking your car outdoors will expose it to elements that can damage not only your car’s delicate paint but also your car’s interior. Extended exposure to UV rays and heat can cause havoc inside of your BMW and other [...]

If You Missed This Year’s Bimmerfest, Your Have Plenty Of Time To Get Your BMW Ready For The Next BMW Event! (Part 3)

Bimmerfest 2012 - Battle of the Bimmers

Get your BMW ready for the next major BMW event with great performance parts that can make your BMW feel totally different. BMW performance parts will give you the best power to get more speed from your machine. There are various BMW performance parts to boost your car. Actually, a new set of tires are [...]

Stylish BMW Grills Give Your BMW A Brand New Unique Look

Cool matte black grills!

Grills are mostly found attached at the front end of your BMW vehicle. They have a lot of uses from protecting your car to giving it a stylish look. There are a lot of aftermarket BMW grills available out there, which can definitely upgrade the way your car looks and feel. However, the functionality of grills [...]

Bimmerfest 2012 Photos, Vendors, Girls, Cars, And More

Bimmerfest 2012

POST BIMMERFEST SALE! Save 10% on your entire order from Stealth Auto Here’s how to save: 1. Click Here 2. Add cool parts to your shopping cart 3. Enter the code below and save 10% off your order BFEST10 **This coupon expires Sunday, May 27th, 2012**   For those of you who couldn’t make it [...]

BMW Diffusers – Set Your BMW Apart With BMW Performance Diffusers

Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Diffuser

Are you looking to enhance your BMW’s performance? Want your car to improve its ability to go fast? This is what aerodynamics can do to your car. Car enthusiasts know that aerodynamics play an important part in increasing the speed of the car. Controlling the airflow by the use of diffusers is an effective way to enhance [...]

What Do BMW Chassis Codes Mean?

BMW Chassis Type Codes

You often hear BMW enthusiasts referring to a BMW with the term E or F followed by a number. These are actually known as BMW chassis codes. What exactly are BMW chassis codes? These codes are chassis designation numbers used by BMW to identify different body designs. Any car the falls within a particular code designation [...]