BMW Shift Knob Replacement – Replace that Old and Worn Shift Knob with Something That Really Shines

Shift knob

First of all, the OEM shifter of your BMW is great on its own, but if you are looking for ways to customize your ride, you might want to update that stock shift knob and replace it with something that really shines. Give your shift knob a nice upgrade by replacing it with an updated [...]

Stealing the Show: Top 10 BMWs on Film


The only thing better than a long and action-filled car chase in a movie is a long and action-filled car chase with a BMW. Yes, these cars are luxurious and have carried royalty and business tycoons alike, but these bad boys can get down and dirty as well. This list will be composed of the [...]

Why Consider a Custom Carbon Fiber BMW Steering Wheel?


Most modifications or custom jobs are done to appeal to those outside of the car spectating. The steering wheel is the one device you most interact with when driving your car. You spend hours driving and having your hands gripped around your steering wheel, so why not personify what your vehicle is by manifesting it inside [...]

Keeping Your BMW With The Times: Upgrading to LED Sidemarkers


Not happy with the factory side markers of your BMW because they don’t match up with your other upgrades? Many car enthusiasts do upgrades on car lights in an attempt to get the awesome look of the most current models. Alternatively, some people leave their stock side markers as is. When you update the front [...]

Bavarian Nightmare: This Weeks Worst BMWs on Craigslist


WARNING: You are about to see some highly graphic and disturbing images of BMWs at their worst. One interns had to be sent home in the process of collecting these images since he was on the verge of having a mental breakdown. Viewer discretion is advised There are tons of BMWs on craigslist. Most of [...]

BMW Kidney Grill Upgrade – Easy and Low Cost Upgrade

E92 M3 body kits

GRILLS, GRILLS, and more GRILLS! Not that kind, although Nelly did say it best in his hit song Grillz when he said, “Let me see ya grill!”   First impressions mean everything, so when you pull up in your BMW will people fixate on your custom grill, or will they be met with the disappointment and mediocrity of [...]

E36 BMW Parts – Enjoy Your BMW The Way You Should By Adding New E36 BMW Parts

Adding new E36 BMW parts bring new life to your car.

It has been over twenty years since the production of the BMW E36, and for those who drive this magnificent vehicle can attest to its grandeur. But just like any other cars, your BMW E36 will need its parts to work perfectly especially since some parts may already be needing replacement. It is no secret [...]

BMW M Car Mods – Put Your Ride Into Your Own Style!

BMW M3 body kits look great on E36s

Many BMW enthusiasts find the M cars to be very exciting. BMW M cars have nice innovative look and feel, but for many M car owners who feels the need to be unique it is not good enough. Usually the design of a BMW car, though it looks good, many M car drivers want to [...]

BMW E46 Interior Parts Are Vital To Making Your E46 Interior Better

Make your BMW better by updating the interior parts.

Modification is a normal process for every enthusiastic car owner. Modifying some parts of the car is the best way to maintain or improve its beauty and performance. The BMW E46 interior has excellent features that make driving a fun experience. With many BMW E46 interior parts available on the market, you can easily modifying [...]

BMW E46 Exterior Styling: Uniquely Eye-Catching Upgrades For Your BMW

Do you want to make a few modifications to your BMW E46?

Do you want to make a few modifications to your BMW E46? If you think that your BMW is already out-dated then it is time to do some BMW E46 exterior styling. With the right BMW parts, time and effort to it, your E46 will stand out and become the talk of the town. There [...]