BMW Carbon-Fiber Accessories! What Is All The Hype About?

Carbon-fiber and carbon-fiber accessories seem to be everywhere like Pokemon cards in the early 2000′s, but unlike simple trading cards, carbon-fiber does provide practical advantages. Some advantages include contributions to aesthetics, weight, repair costs, and safety. First, we have to know what carbon-fiber actually is. So many people discuss the material without knowing what it really is.

Carbon fiber is composed of carbon atoms bonded together to form a long chain. The fibers are extremely stiff, strong, light-weight, and are used in many processes to create excellent building materials. Carbon-fiber is strong enough to potentially replace steel due to its strength and is easier to manipulate simultaneously. Carbon fiber can be woven into a fabric that is suitable for use in defense applications or added to a resin and molded into preformed pieces, such as vehicle components or wind turbine blades.

That was boring, but now we know … So, here are the benefits:


Just look at it. Carbon-fiber looks like something from a post-apocalyptic world where terminators roam around looking for John Connor. It also looks very clean and provides a certain edge to your vehicle. It gives your car a more performance oriented look. Maybe you have a high performance car and want to manifest what’s under the hood to the exterior, or you can throw a facade on your stock car with a new hood or spoiler. Regardless, it is hard to deny how awesome carbon-fiber can make your car look.



Known fact: carbon-fiber composites can reduce a car’s weight by a whopping 60%! Weight is obviously a factor in acceleration and overall speed, so for all you racers, this is a huge benefit. Reducing weight also helps with fuel economy, which is a huge plus in this awesome economy and fluctuating gas prices. The government’s Fuel Economy website says that reducing a vehicle’s weight by about 100 pounds will increase your fuel economy by about 2%, so while it’s not too much it does help.


Metal rusts and corrodes overtime. Rust spreads. Eventually, you will have to replace your rusted car parts with new ones. These are simple facts that anyone can comprehend, so if you put these facts together while considering that carbon-fiber has no metallic properties one can make the connection that carbon-fiber will not rust or spread rust, Therefore carbon-fiber will save you money on certain repair costs.


Although more expensive, carbon fiber is stiffer than steel, and five times stronger. Carbon fiber can also have a higher energy-absorption rate than steel and can increase safety in a collision, according to the ORNL.

So, what we’ve learned is that, although expensive, carbon-fiber is beneficial and awesome. It looks cool, saves you money on repair costs and gas, makes you faster, and it is safer than steel. Given that you like how it looks, why not make the investment? Check out the carbon-fiber page on right … HERE!


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