Upgrading Your BMW Brakes Is Something To Keep In Mind

Have you recently added some horsepower to your BMW? With that additional horsepower, you need more stopping power because it doesn’t matter how fast you go if you cannot stop the wheels. You might want to upgrade your BMW brakes to an aftermarket kit that performs better and looks more aggressive.

Looking for maximum braking force? Check out this video to see an insane BMW brakes setup.

When it comes to aftermarket brakes for your BMW there are a lot of different choices out there. You can go bigger for more stopping power or you can simply upgrade what you got. We want to share to you all the different options available for your brake upgrades.

Big Brake Kit – This is the best brake setup that you can get. Big brakes will give your car consistent breaking force at any speed without brake fade. This ultimate brake setup will not only make your BMW a super-stopper, it will also add style behind your wheel.

Break Pad Upgrade – If you simply want to upgrade the braking force of your car, a good set of brake pad can provide you with better stopping distances, less brake fade, and less brake dust. It may not look that much but the improvements are good enough to satisfy drivers and performance enthusiasts.

Rotor Upgrade – If you want to keep the stock brakes, you may want to upgrade the rotors to increase stopping performance.  Whether you upgrade your stock rotors to slotted or drilled versions, it will definitely help the stopping performance of your car on the track or on the street.

As far as this upgrade’s level of complexity, this is something that you can do with just a car wheel jack and a few simple tools. It is relatively simple, and most people can do this upgrade.

If you are just changing out the brake pads, it is as easy as doing your regular brake job on your car. For rotors, the actual calipers come off, place the new rotors and install the caliper back on.

You can easily find install videos and guide online to help you do the install. You can always check with your service manual or check with a mechanic to make sure you are doing the install the right way. For the most part, if you are mechanically inclined, you can do the brake upgrade on your own.

Breaks are important in driving. Upgrading them is something to keep in mind.

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