The Most Expensive BMW 7-Series Ever Built!

I think most of us can agree that Iron Man looks pretty damn cool, but his companion, War Machine, always was more aesthetically  appealing to me. Why? I look at him and see the extra bells and whistles, but most of all it’s the fact that he’s covered in silver! BMW Individual has teamed up with Robbe & Berking to produce the most expensive 7-series yet with 22 pounds of handcrafted silver.

Robbe & Berking has been around since 1874 and primarily deals with sterling silver and silver plated cutlery. They’re a small company with roughly 200 employees, and they take great pride in their hand-craftsmanship. A small company with big price tags; buying a spoon can put you back $300.  Teaming up with a classy and luxurious car company like BMW would only produce the most elegant, and of course expensive, BMW 7-series.


  • Custom Singapore Gray paint job to compliment all the silver finishes.
  • Silver plated BMW idney grilles
  • Side and rear trim elements
  • Silver plated tail pipes
  • Custom BMW logo



  • Silver side plates with the Robbe & Berking name
  • Silver door trimming with a hammered finish
  • Silver accents scattered around the interior
  • two custom-made silver vessels and a silver carafe that pays tribute to 140 years of Robbe & Berking silverware tradition


Like War Machine, this car surpasses the appeal of a 7 – series by adding silver whenever possible. The bottom line is this car is a little over $440,000! If you hit the lottery anytime soon why not invest some of it in silver? Until then, why don’t you check out some of the improvements can do to your BMW? This car will either make your jaw drop or this car will make you sick, but make sure your BMW is the way you like it!


Colored Grill Stripes License Plate Lights Painted Reflectors

Smoked Lense Film(Starting at Only $20.00)
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Smoked Lense Film(Starting at Only $30.00)
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Blacked Out Roundels(Starting at Only $30.00)
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Easy to install in less than 5 minutes, these grill stripes are the perfect accent to any BMW. All BMW GT cars used this tri-color arrangement on their cars. Now you too can add a bit of history to your car! Are your license plate lights getting you in trouble with the fuzz? Have a vanity plate that needs some showing off? No need to worry any longer, because our BMW LED License Plate Lights are the perfect solution to old or broken halogen lights.

Dramatically change the look of your car's front end with our BMW painted reflectors. Our reflectors are the exact same size and shape of your original reflectors, but come in painted, clear, and smoked variations to better suit your individual taste.

Colored Emblems Xenon Bulb Upgrades Smoked Lense Overlays
Smoked Lense Film(Starting at Only $15.00)
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Blacked Out Roundels(Starting at Only $40.00)
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Smoked Lense Film(Starting at Only $15.00)
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Available in over 90 colors! Easy to install, and long lasting with proper installation and maintenance, our roundel overlays are made with premium 3M vinyl and can be installed on any BMW. Get a crisp white look from your factory headlights for under $100! After you get these high performing bulbs, you won't ever need to buy anything else. Our smoked lens overlays are made from thick translucent tinted film that give you an exceptional look without sacrificing lighting performance. Not only do they look great, they also protect your tail lights from cracking.

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