How To Make Your BMW Gauge Cluster Look More Appealing?

Tired of the dark and boring factory gauge cluster on your BMW? What can you do to make it look more appealing? Give your car a nice interior upgrade that you will appreciate every time you drive. Now you can give your dark and boring gauge cluster a new look by upgrading the factory gauge cluster with stylish gauge rings that you see installed on top end models.

Add style to your gauge cluster by replacing the stock gauge rings with M3 or M5 style silver gauge rings or the MZ3 style chrome gauge rings. You may also opt for the stealthy and subtle look black gauge rings.

If your BMW has two pre-existing rings, you can upgrade them with the M style thick version gauge rings. These thick rings are available in factory silver color and custom chrome.

These upgrade gauge rings will surely enhance the look of your dash.

Do It Yourself

This can be an easy upgrade for your gauge cluster. These snap-in gauge rings are designed to make your cluster upgrade fast and clean. No need for any adhesives or putty, you just simply remove the stock rings and install the new ones. Remember to use latex gloves when installing gauge rings to avoid directly touching the clear section of the housing base.

  • Disconnect the battery to avoid malfunctions.
  • Unscrew two torque screws located at the top of the cluster housing.  Once the screws are removed, you can pull the housing to a certain point.
  • Disconnect the cable at the back of the cluster. Release the locking mechanism to remove the cable.
  • Remove any control units at the back of the cluster by twisting or unclamping the clips.
  • Disassemble the cluster from the clear section of the housing. Use a flathead screwdriver for unclamping clips, needle pliers for twisting rotating clips and torque screwdriver for removing screws. However, in most cases of the E39 and older models, removing the back section of the cluster may require more than one person.
  • Remove all screws and clips, including the selector button stems at the front side to allow the cluster to separate.
  • Remove the old rings and install the snap-in gauge rings in the gauge holes.
  • Reassemble the cluster housing.

With this simple solution for your dark and boring cluster, you can now enhance the look of your dash. Upgrade your stock cluster now and see how these stylish gauge rings change the interior look of your BMW!

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