BMW Xenon Lights – Nice Upgrade To Brighten Up Your Bimmer

If you are looking to upgrade your BMW lights, add some aftermarket xenon lights to your BMW headlights projectors. Have you been cruising around with a busted headlight for months? Then, get it together! It is a perfect time to upgrade your headlights. There are a lot of benefits to upgrading your headlights with BMW xenon lights. I’ve listed some of the most popular ones below.

Swap your normal halogen bulb for the Xenon look bulbs.

Why Switch to HID Xenon Lights?

Switching to HID xenon lights will instantly improve your driving lights because you will have brighter lights and better road coverage than the factory halogen headlights, which means that the driver can benefit from wider viewing radius improving safety driving as it gives more reaction time to potential driving hazards. Also, the life span of HID xenon lights is 10 times longer than the factory units.

Do you have standard halogen headlights? Many drivers see BMW xenon lights design to be a good replacement to the very dated halogen units.  They are more efficient and more advanced and considered an advantage when driving in the dark and also in adverse weather conditions.

Depending on the lighting quality you want you can choose from 3000K to 8000K color temperature. The yellow light output is 3000K, slightly white light output is 6000K and 8000K is a shade of blue. Most factory HID bulbs are 4300K. Many upgrade to 6000K to have that good clean light output.

E38 Xenon Lights


What if you want to have BMW xenon lights but your BMW do not come with HID? When it comes to your choice of headlights, you can improve your halogen bulbs by replacing them with Xenon bulbs. It is possible to install HIDs on non-HID BMWs. The HID headlight kits are bulb replacements composed of HID bulbs and ballasts to replace the conventional halogen bulbs. You will need the right bulb types that will fit your BMW model before ordering.

For best results, some owners of non-HID BMW’s swap the headlight units out because some models may perform very badly when upgraded with HID. For example, if you upgraded the US headlamp of an E36, the HID upgrade will cause blinding light and bad illumination. In this case, it is better to swap it out to euro ellipsoid type headlight before setting up a HID kit. Look for HID bulb replacement guide to help you find the right HID kit for your BMW model. Your vehicle may need an anti-flicker capacitor to avoid error codes.

New HID headlight kit will dramatically improve the performance and look of your lighting system, but don’t settle for those cheap xenon lights that just give you blue light beams and lower light output. Switch to real BMW xenon lights or do not switch at all.



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