Why Consider a Custom Carbon Fiber BMW Steering Wheel?

Most modifications or custom jobs are done to appeal to those outside of the car spectating. The steering wheel is the one device you most interact with when driving your car. You spend hours driving and having your hands gripped around your steering wheel, so why not personify what your vehicle is by manifesting it inside with a simple upgrade. If you are thinking of an enhancement job, you may want to consider a modified steering wheel for your BMW.

The OEM steering wheel is  skinny and lightweight. However, performance-oriented drivers look for steering wheel replacement options because there are more effective OEM substitutes out there. Upgrading the OEM steering wheel of your BMW is not just for aesthetic improvement, but also for improving your driving experience. The improved features of a modified steering wheel deliver better grip and more comfortable driving experience.

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel


There are various performance steering wheels out there, but let’s talk about the unique traits of the BMW AutoCarbon steering wheel.

Enhanced wheel feel. This modified carbon fiber BMW steering wheel provides that added softness to give you a more comfortable feel. With high quality perforated leather wrapped on it you can easily feel the difference. It instantly delivers the sensation of maneuvering comfortably.

The added width, which the extra thick padding provides, greatly improves the girth of the wheel, and delivers a more aggressive feel and better finger grip.

Updated design. This modified steering wheel is designed to look much better than the stock wheel. Its sporty look is aesthetically pleasing. You will also appreciate the concept of alcantara and leather mix. Another interesting trait of this modified steering wheel is the real M color stitching that truly adds character to the overall look of the wheel.

Do you love the beauty of carbon fiber parts? This performance-oriented wheel features that beautiful carbon fiber accent. With these great features in your steering wheel, it will be really fun to drive your car.


Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel


These premium carbon fiber alcantara steering wheels by AutoCarbon will surely deliver that comfortable and confident feeling that every performance-oriented driver wants for their car. It may cost you a little more than the others, but it sure is worth the money to complete your interior upgrade. It really looks amazing and gets the job done.

If you are not a big fan of the stock BMW steering wheel, and want a more performance-oriented option, then consider a modified steering wheel for your car. Upgrading your steering wheel with one from AutoCarbon is a great way to restyle your car’s interior and  maybe keep you from abusing it after seeing the sign for gas prices

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel



Note: Click the link to download the installation guides in PDF format.

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