Keeping Your BMW With The Times: Upgrading to LED Sidemarkers

Not happy with the factory side markers of your BMW because they don’t match up with your other upgrades? Many car enthusiasts do upgrades on car lights in an attempt to get the awesome look of the most current models. Alternatively, some people leave their stock side markers as is. When you update the front and rear lights of your car, amber side lenses begin to look out of place. This is why many BMW enthusiasts look to LED side-markers as an easy, affordable, and effective solution to the problem of creating a uniform appearance around the entirety of their car.


Side Lenses Are Available In Either Clear or Smoked Style



LED side-markers are designed to be a direct replacement for stock amber side markers. They are available with either clear or smoked lenses, and with wither amber or white illumination.

What makes LED side markers a good replacement for the factory side markers?

  • In terms of aesthetic appeal, many would agree that the LED side marker lights look better than stock lights. Clear lenses provide that neat, Euro-style look, which is a nice pick for those who chose to give their car a cleaner look, and the smoked version is more aggressive, and works best with dark colored vehicles.
  • LED’s are brighter than halogen bulbs. This aspect of LED based lights means better visibility day and night.
  • LED side-markers are completely plug-and-play, and take just a few minutes to install. You simply slide or push the stock lens, and pull to remove it. But first check the replacement lens to see where the clip is to know which side of the lens to push in order to remove it. Then unplug the stock and plug in the new one and re-install.
  • This is an inexpensive and easy to do upgrade. Also, if you are looking for a unique present for your BMW-loving buddy, these cool side markers work as a thoughtful gift. Why not give him a nice set of LED side markers if his BMW still have the factory piece?


Add class to your side markers by upgrading the look with high power LED side marker lights.


LED Clear Side Lenses With Amber Illumination


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