BMW Kidney Grill Upgrade – Easy and Low Cost Upgrade


Not that kind, although Nelly did say it best in his hit song Grillz when he said, “Let me see ya grill!”

Matte Black Grilles on an E46



First impressions mean everything, so when you pull up in your BMW will people fixate on your custom grill, or will they be met with the disappointment and mediocrity of a stock grill?

One of the best mods you can do to your BMW is a front BMW grill upgrade. A front grill upgrade is undisputedly one of the easiest mods you can do to your car which can make a big difference on your bimmer’s aesthetics.

There are many BMW front grill replacements for the classic chrome grills. You can go for a stealthy blackout grill look for a more aggressive appeal, or carbon fiber for a flashier ride. With different styles and finishes to choose from, you can have the grills in the style you want and the color you want to match your car… it’s just a match made at

This is an upgrade that anyone can do. Some say that you can just grab and pull the grill insert to remove it, although this way of removing the grill insert may work, it is not recommended by professionals because it can damage the grill or bumper cover. The safest way of removal for grill insert is by properly following the directions below:


Carbon fiber grilles for E60get-it-now-button

How to Remove the Kidney Grill:

Open vehicle hood as the removal and installation works from the inside. Basically, the kidney grill is made up of two parts; the outer surround and the inner part with the slacks. There are six tabs that hold the grill, there are no bolts, screws or anything that hold the pieces in.

To begin the removal of the grill from its attachment to the hood you will need to depress those tabs with your fingers to allow the outer surround to pop out.

Use a flat head screwdriver and gently unhook the tabs one by one to release the grill insert. As you work your way around unhooking the tabs, the outer and inner part of the grill will gradually separate.

Take note that the grill removal on the E81, E87 and E90 models are a little different because the grills are secured with bolts and screws. Other the flat screwdriver it requires a torx driver and a right angle tool for removing bolts and screws.


How to Install the Kidney Grill:

Line up the grill and secure the outer piece with your hand while pushing the inner part with your other hand. The tabs will all snap together and the grill is in place. Inserting the grill requires equal distribution of force to avoid damaging the tabs.

That’s it! It’s pretty easy, right? When you know what to do the whole BMW grill install only takes ten minutes. What a quick way to make a noticeable difference to your car.

This front grill upgrade is a nice way to refresh the front look of your BMW. It is an easy and low cost upgrade for all BMW vehicles.



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