BMW Lighting Package – HIDs, Angel Eyes, and more!

Its no surprise that all the luxury car manufacturers are going with LEDs and Xenon lights for their cars instead of traditional halogen lights. These days, most new BMW cars come outfitted with Xenon (or HID) headlights, and LED halos, turn signals, tail lights, and side-markers. The main reason for these changes: LEDs and Xenons simply perform way better than Halogens. If you have no idea what any of these are, don’t worry, you will see full explanations below. If you already know what these things are, sit tight, because we also have a bunch of deals to go along with all this information.

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1.  Xenon (HID) Headlight and Foglight Conversion Kit

The majority of cars sold in the world are equipped with Halogen headlamps in a reflective housing. These lights are very cheap, and produce an acceptable light output. This is why every automaker in the world equips their cars with halogens. Xenon lights on the other hand,  cost more than halogens (a lot more if you get them from the dealer), but offer exceptional light output over halogen lights (usually 50% more light when paired with projector headlights). Xenon lights are also highly sought after for their awesome colors. You can get xenons in yellow, white, blue, purple, and even green (the legality of the last two varies depending on location). The Xenoflo HID Retrofit kit from Stealth Auto is a South Korean made, high quality high intensity discharge light that has a 2,000 hour lifespan. These lights can either be installed in your headlight to replace your low beams, or as a replacement for your fog-light bulbs.


When making your purchasing decision, make sure you stay away from cheap HID kits sold primarily on auction sites like eBay. These kits are often made in China,  with poor quality glass and plastics which often leak gas or arrive DOA. Kits made in Korea and Japan have better craftsmanship, and the companies that make them, such as Xenoflo, use OEM quality materials and pay their employees fair wages. For BMW owners looking to be more world conscious in their purchasing decisions, getting products from reputable and accountable companies is the way to go.



2. LED Angel Eyes

The newest fully loaded BMWs on the road come with LED angel eyes. These lights have been around  for just over 6 years, but it wasn’t until recently that BMW started outfitting their cars with them. Angel eyes, also called halos or coronas, are light emitting rings that surround the low and high beams in headlights. They used to strictly use a single halogen bulb per pair of rings, but now, each angel eye has its own LED bulb. For many BMWs made before 2006, you could get angel eyes by opening up your headlights and installing LED rings. Cars made in 2006 and after have sealed headlights with four angel eyes powered by two halogen bulbs. These angel eyes are not that bright, and have an unpleasant yellowish glow. Drivers looking to get the appearance of the new generation of BMW LED halos can upgrade to Weisslicht LED Angel Eye Bulbs. These bulbs are made to replicate the same connectors as the stock BMW bulbs, however they have Japanese made CREE LED chips and two arms that direct the light stream directly into the rings whereas halogens and cheap imitations simply scatter light everywhere.


Follow the guide below for even more information about the differences among aftermarket angel eye replacements.

angel eye guide



3. LED Turn Signal Bulbs (PY24W)

As luxury automakers start to phase out the use of halogen bulbs, LEDs are becoming the go-to replacement for this dying dim technology. You’ll notice that on the newest BMW, AUDI, and MBZ cars, the turn signals are completely LED. If you want to achieve this same look for your E90 – E93 BMW 3 Series (2006-2012), then it’s actually very simple. The same company that makes the famed LED angel eye replacements also has another products that turns your boring dim halogen turning signals into new Weisslicht crisp and bright LED turn signals. You can also hide that ugly egg yolk look that an amber bulb produces in a clear lens since these lights look white when on, and yellow when on. Installation has been made super easy for you since there are no extra connectors or ballasts required. Just plug them in the same way you plug-in your stock bulb and you’re done! This mod is also compatible with the newest X5, X6, 5-series, and 6 series cars. Lights are available in both white and amber illumination.


4. Weisslicht LED Side Lenses

Available in both clear and smoked, these LED side-markers function identically to the product above. No error codes, and the product has been designed to install just like an OEM part. If you are making an LED renovation to your bimmer, you can’t ignore this detail. Matching the crispness of your LED side lenses to you side-markers is an important step in making sure your car looks clean and uniform.