BMW Key Covers – Replace your worn out key fob with a BMW Carbon Fiber Key Skin

BMW Key Skins



Constant handling of keys can easily wear out your key fob. Putting your keys in your pocket with loose change can damage or scratch the surface of the key fob. A worn out and scratched key fob is not a pretty thing to look at, but there is a key upgrade for your BMW key that you can do to refresh the look of your old key fob. BMW carbon fiber key skins! Yes, there is a such thing as a carbon fiber key skin.

New key fobs are available from the dealership, but you’ll have to skip on some monthly bills to get them. Why get your new key fob from them when there is an inexpensive-but quality alternative to upgrade your worn out key fob? The aftermarket carbon fiber key fob overlay kit is an inexpensive solution to your ugly, worn out or scratched key fob. This key fob overlay kit instantly adds style to your BMW key without breaking your bank.

Key Skins



You will not be disappointed with its carbon fiber finish. These carbon fiber key fob overlays have realistic carbon fiber weave from authentic Carbo-Noc by DecalWerks, not stickers. It instantly give your old key a nice upgrade and make it look unique. If you have carbon fiber parts added to your car or a big fan of carbon fiber products, these carbon fiber key skins are great addition to your car.

These carbon fiber key fob skins hold up pretty well and will not wear out easily from the constant handling. You can be sure that this key upgrade will protect your key from damage for years.

Installing and removing the carbon fiber key fob overlay is a breeze. In just minutes your old key will have a whole new look.

When replacing your BMW key fob, it is important that you get the right key fob skin replacement because there are different types of BMW key. There is the U shape, the diamond shape and the rectangular shape. So make sure that you have the right key fob skin for your key.

Do not waste your money on the expensive key fob replacement. The aftermarket carbon fiber key fob overlay kit is an easy and inexpensive BMW key upgrade for all BMW and Mini key.  These carbon fiber key skins will bring life back to your key and make it cooler than the original.



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