BMW Coverlocks – Add Style to Your Key Locks With Painted Keyhole Cover




Are you worried that someone might mess with your BMW’s exposed keyhole? There is a reason to be worried about that because your BMW is a luxury car, and between 2009 and 2012, BMW was the second most stolen luxury car brand in the USA. You never know when a car thief is coming and when he does he can break into your car by breaking the door lock on the driver side with hi-tech key cloning device. To avoid any problems with these people, you can reinforce your BMW door locks by replacing the stock key locks with BMW cover-locks.

Because the key-less entry system will do all the locking and unlocking of the car doors, installing keyhole covers to your door handles is a cool upgrade for the stock key locks of your BMW. The BMW keys are auto charging when the ignition is on, so there is nothing to worry about its battery getting drained or getting locked out of your car.

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Not Just About Added Security

This modification is not just about increasing the security of your car, but also gives the door handle a clean consistent look. You can find the right cover-locks to match the body color of your BMW. Installing these painted keyhole covers will give your car door handles a neat uniform appearance.

These BMW cover-locks enhance the look of your door handles. When you compare a door handle without keyhole cover to one with keyhole cover, you will agree that the latter is pretty much more impressive all around. This is an inexpensive upgrade that delivers added security and style.

Installing the keyhole covers is not hard at all. You only need to change the keyhole in the driver side. The first thing you want to do is remove the rubber grommet on the side of the door and inside there is a solitary screw. Use an allen key to loosen the screw until the door lock pops out, install your new keyhole cover and screw it back. In just a few minutes your key lock looks cleaner and more secured.

If you are upgrading your BMW in an attempt to lose the stock look, don’t forget to replace your car’s stock key locks with painted keyhole cover. Replacing your exposed key lock with painted keyhole covers will give your car added security and a consistent appearance. With these cool BMW cover-locks, you can prevent future break-ins in style.


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