BMW Angel Eye Upgrade Kit – Want Something Brighter Than Stock H8 Bulbs?

If you are looking for a BMW upgrade that will get you the look of the latest BMWs, you might want to take a look at your angel eye headlights and compare them to headlights of current BMW models to see where your existing set stands. If you see your headlights are like any regular kind of yellowish light that you see down on the highway, then maybe its time for a change. Upgrading your yellow angel eyes to the latest angel eye upgrade upgrade kit will make your car stand out more than it ever has.

This is one of the most popular upgrades for BMW enthusiasts. However, many upgrade their OEM/stock halogen light bulbs in their headlights and are not satisfied with the light output of their chosen replacement. There are many kits available out there and you do not want to upgrade your dull angel eyes headlights with a replacement that will not make you feel satisfied. So in order to get the best halo solution for your angel eye headlights you have to look for the latest version. The latest version Weisslicht LED halo upgrade kit will surely deliver the best halo solution for your angel eye headlights.


When you are looking for the brightest halo solution for your yellow OEM halo rings, you might want to check out the latest version of LED halo upgrade kit from Weisslicht. You will not only find this product to be more cost-effective than the others, but it also delivers the brightest halo solution on the market.

The obvious difference of the Weisslicht brand is in the quality of the design. Many LEDs on Ebay do not have the full ring output because the LEDs do not perfectly fit. The Weisslicht brand LED halo angel eyes upgrade kit performs a solid job of providing great fitment and light output.

This is a direct replacement for stock bulbs therefore this halo upgrade kit is very easy to install. You will not need any special tools to complete this install. In twenty minutes, when you do it right, the front end of your BMW will have a nice updated look.

The money you spend on this headlight upgrade is going to be really worth it. You will love the look of LED halo headlights when they are on in the daylight, and most especially at night. The LED halo angel eyes upgrade kit will instantly transform your dull EOM/stock angel eyes to clean ultra bright white light.