Bavarian Nightmare: This Weeks Worst BMWs on Craigslist

WARNING: You are about to see some highly graphic and disturbing images of BMWs at their worst. One interns had to be sent home in the process of collecting these images since he was on the verge of having a mental breakdown. Viewer discretion is advised

There are tons of BMWs on craigslist. Most of them are in good condition, but a few are in truly awful shape. These cars have been neglected, poorly maintained, and outfitted with the cheapest parts this side of the Yangtze River. We blame the owners; BMWs don’t kill BMWs, people kill BMWs. So take a seat, and have a bucket ready.


We don’t want to shock you, so lets ease our way into this list. Besides the awful color, rims, and cheap eBay headlights, this ones actually not too awful. Would I pay $4200 for a beige 13 year old 5-series with 166K miles?


Wow, this is the worst unintentional two-tone car I’ve ever seen. Also, what is the deal with replacing strong stock wheels with cheap Chinese chrome rims?


Don’t be fooled by the lack of grilles. That’s actually a performance mod to increase airflow to the  air intake. Also, don’t worry that the entire front part of the car has been patched up with replacement parts. I’m sure it wasn’t in some kind of a huge crash.

5This paint job is pretty shocking. Two-tone paint jobs on cars that never came with them just scream I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING!


Wow only 3K for a 94 E36 that was put together from what looks like six different cars. We call this one a “three tone”.


Parts only? I would have never guessed. You sure that won’t buff out?


This one wins the award for tackiest upgrades. Those wheels, headlights, grilles, and paint color have all teamed up to make the car look as awkward as possible. This car kinda looks like Drake, actually.

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