Use A Sprint Booster To Improve Your BMW’s Throttle Response

If you have a drive-by-wire car that has an electronic throttle body, then you probably feel the lag or delayed throttle response from the time you step on the throttle pedal. This lag time on the throttle response is very common on drive-by-wire throttle system. If you want the throttle to be more responsive, then eliminate that issue by installing a Sprint Booster.

What is a Sprint Booster? Watch this video to find out:


A Sprint Booster device is basically an electronic interface between the throttle pedal and the electronic throttle. It functions as an electronic assistance to increase the signal between the throttle pedal and the electronic throttle. It is a great device to cut off all the lag time from the electronic throttle.

Though this device help improve throttle response, it is not designed to boost  horsepower to your car. So don’t lose your head when you do not see any improvement in that area.

The Sprint Booster comes with a plug and play LED control module. This selectable switch allows you to choose from three different acceleration modes:

  • Stock (no light) – This means the device is off. In this mode, there is no change in the actual pedal.
  • Stage 1 (green light) – This is a mild performance mode. It increases the throttle response by about fifty percent.
  • Stage 2 (red light) – This red mode kind of gives you an aggressive performance as it sends the signal instantaneously or immediate throttle response.

Typical Gains After Sprint Booster Installation


Installing the device is easy. All you need is a screwdriver and in 5 minutes you will be up and roaring. Just pop the clip under the pedal and slide it over. Connect the Sprint Booster and plug the control module that comes with the product. The control module has double stick tape so you can run it anywhere in the dash. You can easily put it in place as it only goes in one way. That is basically the entire install procedures. It is easy to install and very easy to operate.

One important thing to remember before you install this device is to make sure that the key is not in the ON position when you disconnect the throttle pedal, otherwise it will activate the check engine light.

The Sprint Booster is a great device to eliminate factory restrictions on the throttle body. This device is for all BMW models with electronic throttle. You will notice that the difference is like night and day when you drive and give the pedal a good kick. You will undoubtedly be happy to see your car perform with a quicker throttle response.


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