Top 7 BMW Mods Under $50

Contrary to popular automotive folklore, you CAN mod your BMW on a budget.

I’m not talking about electrical tape racing stripes or cheap parts found on shady websites from companies you’ve never even heard of (What kind of a company is and why do they want me to buy something called Outside LED Foggy Lamp?). Instead, we over at have compiled a list of 7 awesome (and actually noticeable) mods under $50. We cannot guarantee any horsepower gains or aphrodisiac effects, but you can simulate at least one of those by making loud engine noises with your mouth.

This list is not in any particular order.


7. Shadow Vehicle Emblems (Click this link to see these BMW Shadow Emblems in our online store)

BMW Shadow Vehicle Emblems


Price: $20

Install Difficulty: Simple, few tools required.

Emblems tell everyone what you got under the hood of your car. That is why they are so necessary to your vehicle’s appearance. Sure you can put a ‘Turbo’ sticker on a Toyota Previa, but you will just end up looking like an idiot with a Toyota Previa. Instead, add some edge to your already high-end car by switching out the stock emblems. Shadow emblems come in several finishes: High Gloss Black, Matte Black, Gold, Carbon Fiber, and Fire Red.


6. Matte Black Kidney Grilles (Click this link to see these BMW Matte Black Kidney Grilles  in our online store)

Matte Black BMW Kidney Grille


Price: Starting at $49

Install Difficulty: Easy, no tools required.

Stock BMWs come with grilles that have chrome surrounds. Chrome was cool around the same time ruffled shirts were cool. I don’t have to say much more. These days, its all about being subtle. Matte black grilles are an inexpensive yet dramatic way of making your car look cleaner and meaner. Its cheap, but doesn’t look cheap. I don’t think Daewoo got that memo.


 5. Coloured Roundel Emblems (Click this link to see these BMW Color Roundels in our online store)

BMW Colored Roundels


Price: $14

Install Difficulty: Easy, requires two hands and soapy water….err

This is an insanely affordable custom job that is sure to grab the attention of anyone who sees your car. Matching your roundels to your car’s paint code is a great way to set yourself apart from other drivers. You can also match your roundels to the colors of your favorite sports team, school, or theme of your choice.

Note: These are not actual roundels, but overlays (We can’t sell full roundels because the fine folks at BMW will cut our heads off).


4. Stealth Bulbs (Click this link to see these BMW Stealth Bulbs in our online store)

BMW Stealth Bulbs


Price: $29

Install Difficulty: None.

This is a simple concept, but its actually ingenious. Clear corner lenses and side markers look great, but those little yellow bulbs don’t. These bulbs look chrome, but they actually shine orange, meaning your lenses will look uniformly clear while still being street legal. You would think no one would ever buy these given that BMW drivers never use their turn signals, but Stealth Bulbs are actually a best seller.


3. Mechunik Tow Hook License Plate Holder (Click this link to see the BMW Tow Hook License Plate Holder in our online store)

Tow Hook License Plate Holder


Price: $40

Install Difficulty: Non existent.

In some states, it is illegal to drive around without a front license plate. This creates a dilemma for those suffering from bumper OCD: Do I drill holes into my bumper or should I risk getting a ticket every time I go for a drive? The Mechunik Tow Hook License Plate Holder or TMTHLPH is the solution sent from the heavens. It requires no drilling at all, and still keeps you street legal. Just don’t tell anyone that its street legal, cuz you know, that’s like not cool and stuff.


2. M Colored Grille Stripe Decals (Click this link to see these BMW M Colored Grille Stripe Decals in our online store)

Grille Stripe Decals


Price: $20

Install Difficulty: Peel’n'stick

You own a BMW. This means you own a piece of racing history. What better way to show that off than to sport some M racing stripes? These three colors are iconic and recognizable among Motorsport fans all across the globe. Best of all, they fit any type BMW as each kit comes with stripes for five different widths. You can even share them among four other friends just as long as each one has a different model BMW.  So next time you are  tail-gating someone on your morning commute, you can have them look into their rear-view mirror and wet themselves from the terror of seeing those three menacing colors.


1. Interior Xenon Bulbs (Click this link to see these BMW Interior Xenon Bulbs in our online store)

Interior Xenon Bulbs


Price: Full kits start at $45

Difficulty: Easy, only a few tools required.

Your stock BMW comes with ugly and dim yellow halogen interior lights. They are fine as long as you use them in conjunction with the sun, but if you actually want to actually see anything at night, you’re better off swapping them out with something with a little more firepower. That’s why Stealth Auto developed the Original Interior Xenon Bulbs.  Interior Xenon Bulbs have a crisp white color with a blue hue, bright enough to light up even the most cavernous cabins. Should you decide you want even more light, you can even upgrade to LED.


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