Modified BMW Gauge Faces: You Don’t Have To Put Up With That Old Dashboard Display

One of the things you look at the most inside your car is the in-dash display. Perhaps you have done several upgrades in an attempt to enhance the appearance of your BMW’s interior, but have you done anything to the dashboard display? If you want the best look for your display, you don’t have to be stuck with the old gauge faces. Changing the stock BMW gauge faces with modified versions will give the interior a whole new level of style.

White Gauge Face Option


How does your existing display look?

Some drivers rarely look at the display unless it throws a light to tell them that there is something wrong. Ignoring the input of the instrument panel can put you in trouble. It is important the display is clear and easily readable.  Changing the face gauges with modified versions is a cool upgrade that benefits the driver in both aesthetic and practical ways.

You do not have to put up with that dark murky display on the instrument panel when you can have it replaced with cool gauge faces. There are a good selection of gauge face kits for BMW vehicles. These days, its all about style and functionality, so there are different colors and design to fill every driver’s gauge face needs. The BMW white face gauges are a very popular design, but you can have them in other colors as well. The coolest thing about this upgrade is the lighting. You can change the glow of the gauge to a color that you like and make it way cooler to look at.

These modified BMW face gauges will not only make your dashboard look better, but also make the gauge scan easy to read day or night. You do not necessary have to wait for the display to look bad before you replace them with modernized face gauges. You can have them installed to add class to your interior. So make your dashboard stand out with these cool gauge faces.

Installing these modified gauge faces is not difficult. You can do the install using some basic tools. The installation does not require the removal of the needles. However, it is important to carefully install the gauge face to avoid damaging the needles. If you are not sure if you can do it properly, you may also have them professionally installed.

All cars have dashboard display and add class to the interior. So if you want it to look more interesting then consider changing that factory display with modernized BMW gauge face kit. These enhanced BMW gauge faces will turn any ordinary dashboard into something special that looks great day or night.


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