Hottest BMW Upgrades and Accesories for August

One indicator of the quality of a product, is how well it sells, and for how long. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about music (the Macarena spent 60 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart!). To give our fans and customers a little more insight on what sells the best, we have compiled a list of the top five best selling BMW mods for the month of July going into August. Don’t forget to click on the pictures below if you want to see even more of them.

1. Angel Eyes

Weisslicht Halos in white illumination


Angel eyes, also called Coronas or Halos, have become a staple of BMW design in the last ten years. For those of  you who haven’t been in the loop, angel eyes are the rings surrounding both the low beam and high beam of a  BMW’s headlight. In the past, a single halogen bulb powered both rings in a single headlight unit. Within the last two years, BMW has altered the design of the angel eyes so that each ring has its own dedicated LED bulb. If your BMW  was made before this change, you do have a bright LED alternative. Weisslicht (white light in German) Angel Eyes are THE solution for all BMW cars with factory halogen angel eyes. Installation is simple, you just unmount your original factory halogen bulbs, and plug in the Weisslicht Halo Upgrade Kit©. Results are instantaneous, and your halos will have a bright white color with a slight blue hue (comparable to 6000K HID lights).  No more weak yellow light.

There is also a solution for earlier model BMWs which never even came with stock factory angel eyes. E46 and E39 drivers have the option of installing Angel Eye Rings in their headlights, which are actually brighter than  even the  newest factory BMW LED angel eyes. Each ring is powered by 60 LEDs!  That’s 120  LEDs per headlight, and 240 in total! They are so bright, that some of our customers claimed they could  be used as  headlights. This is very illegal and we do not condone trying this, but it is a testament to how brightthese lights actually are. Installation is more complex than for LED bulbs, and so professional install is recommended for these lights. However, many of our customers are technically inclined and can do a satisfactory job by themselves.

LED Angel Eye Rings on an E46 M3 with Matte Black Shadow Grilles and Custom Roundels


2. Grilles

Another iconic BMW design is the kidney grille. Kidney grilles have been around forever. Like two wild, flaring nostrils, kidney grilles add an extra menacing element to the already aggressive styling of BMW cars. Current BMW cars come with kidney grilles that have chrome surrounds. We don’t really know why BMW insists on having chrome surrounds on the grilles for their cars, but we do know that its wildly unpopular among BMW enthusiasts. Matte Black Kidney Grilles (Shadow Grilles) takes care of this issue, and improve the fascia of your BMW by replacing the flamboyancy of chrome, with the more subtle yet aggressive look of matte black.

If you want to go for a more a customized look, you can always opt for Painted Kidney Grilles, which are sprayed to match the paint code of any BMW. Many customers have a specific theme in mind when they are customizing their cars, which leads them to pick a color different from their body paint. For example, we’ve seen a USA themed BMW, a Los Angeles Lakers themed BMW, and even a McDonalds themed BMW (don’t ask us, we don’t know either).  Installation is a snap. Literally. Carefully unclip your stock grilles from each side of the grille, and once removed, replace each part with your new Matte Black or Painted Grilles, and them snap them back together by aligning the clips.


BMW E92 with Matte Black Shadow Grilles


 3. LED License Plate Lights

Weisslicht makes another appearance in our top ten list with their highly successful Weisslicht LED  License Plate Illumination Upgrade ©. Constructed to be a perfect replacement for your stock OEM  license plate lights, Weisslicht’s plate lights feature 24 SMD LEDs, and are completely error code free.  Each kit comes with a pair of LED license plate lights, with a color temperature comparable to 6000K  HIDs. Installation is simple and only requires use of a screwdriver. Unscrew (or pop-out for some  models) the stock lights, then replace them with the new LED lights. Because all the connectors are  the same, there are no further steps required for the installation process.

LEDs at full illumination.


4. DEPO Projector Headlights with Angel Eye Rings

Not all after-market headlights are made equal. Some are more equal than others (sorry for the animal farm reference). But really, we have seen some truly awful headlights in the last ten years of operation. These headlights are often made from extremely cheap quality plastics, have remarkable fitment issues, and rarely come with warranties or even instructions. Worse than all of that, however, is that they are usually equipped with CCFL halos. Don’t get us wrong, even we liked CCFL angel eyes at one point. They were cheap, bright, and didn’t run too hot. That initial admiration was short lived. CCFLs are cheap for a reason: gas escapes from the lights and you lose your brightness, if you drive over a pothole they break or shatter, and they don’t work if its too cold. They were brighter than halogen, but nowhere near as reliable. We were stuck.

Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait much longer for new technology to enter the market. Sometime around 2008, we started installing LED angel eye rings in our DEPO Projector Headlights. They were a massive hit. LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are relatively inexpensive, last long, and run way cooler than other lights. Oh yeah, they are also BRIGHT. When paired with DEPO headlights, which are engineered to match OEM headlights on fitment and quality, LED angel eyes dramatically improve the appearance of any BMW. Its no wonder the German automotive giants now fit all their models with LED angel eyes.

DEPO Projector Headlights with LED Angel Eyes


We know that the allure of our headlights start with the angel eyes, but it doesn’t just end there either. DEPO is known worldwide for producing exceptional quality automotive parts at usually half the cost of insanely-marked up dealer prices. All DEPO headlights are projector headlights. Projector headlights provide the most efficient method of light distribution, since they direct the headlight bulbs to shine in one concentrated direction, as opposed to reflector headlights that simply scatter light everywhere. This means lots of range and visibility, something you just don’t get with older style headlights. Its also worth noting that DEPO headlights can be opened, and parts can be replaced, so should anything happen to them, you won’t have to buy a whole new headlight (E36 3-Series drivers will also be delighted to learn that all DEPO E36 Projector Headlights have thick glass lenses, meaning they are super easy to clean, and will not yellow over time).

Putting aside quality and features, the number one reason BMW enthusiasts call us when they want Angel Eye Headlights is because they look freakin’ awesome. Angel eyes make your car look intimidating and mean, like the car is looking into your soul and destroying everything it sees. Okay, a little too dark, but I’m sure you get what we mean. Besides that, DEPO headlights make BMWs appear newer, since almost all current BMWs sold today come with projectors and LED angel eyes. Its simply the best way to improve aesthetics and functionality without having to empty out your bank account. Don’t do that by the way, your wife WILL KILL YOU.

E90 DEPO Projector Headlights w/ LED Angel Eyes


 5. iPhone Mobile Dash Mount for BMW Vehicles

Its unsafe and illegal (in some jurisdictions)  to use your mobile phone while driving. Your eyes should never have to leave the windshield or dash, otherwise, you might as well be blind and screaming down the highway at 80 miles per hour. Thankfully, there is a hands-free solution that wont require you to wear an earpiece. Our mobile dash mount puts your iPhone (or any other mobile device) within a safe distance so that you can access it as easily as you can access your radio dial. With a mount, you can use your phone’s GPS navigation, music player, and third-party dyno app and stay safe and legal at the same time. This is a serious dash mount. If you’re happy with cheap plastic dash mounts that use slimy adhesives and suction cups that leave marks and stains all over your car, you probably won’t like our mount. Constructed with metal components that give it a strong, sturdy feel, our mount is pretty much indestructible. If you want to test that claim, drop a nuclear bomb on it (Don’t do this).