Consider These Great BMW 3 Series Modifications In Your Next BMW Modifications

How do you start modifying a beautiful car such as the BMW 3 series? They are made in style while still providing great performance that is BMW most popular with. The 3 series has so much to offer and is also perfect for anyone since they are available in a convertible, coupe, sedan and sports wagon. And, because of this there are a lot of proud owners of this magnificent vehicle and you may also be driving one. BMW 3 series modifications is actually not that difficult to find. You will be able to find a lot of 3 series owners having their cars modify and making it even more unique.

While the car’s major feature includes bi-Xenon headlamps, comfort access, active steering and active cruise control you may still be able to modify its other exterior and interior parts. So where do you start? Most car owners focus on the car exterior since this is where other people would see your vehicle. Others focus on the car interior since they want to focus on how comfortable they would be while driving their car. You could also start the same way and focus where you want your vehicle to gain that extra points.

For instance, you can change your old grills to new ones since new aftermarket kidney grills are found more stylish. BMW grills can now be found in matte black, black carbon fiber, series chrome grill, titanium grill, and glossy black grill. Styles vary so you can definitely find the perfect grill that will match the style of your vehicle.

You can also modify your BMW wheels. This is one major modification that will allow your vehicle to stand out among the rest. There are a lot of great aftermarket wheel manufacturers that you can choose from such as Velocity Motoring, Avant Garde, Nurburging Wheels, MRR wheels, DPE Wheels, and the like. And these wheels can be found in cast wheels and forged wheels. Cast wheels are available in wider widths and with more aggressive tire sizes that will help in improving handling and performance.

Forged wheels on the other hand, will provide you with ultimate customization. They are found in 3 piece forged, 2 piece forged, and monoblock. A lot of those who choose forged wheels go for 3 piece forged because this consist for more customization. The wheels will consist of a barrel, center and lip that is perfectly customized to ensure that the wheel is a direct fit.

There are truly a lot of options when it comes to BMW 3 series modifications. You just have to decide what parts to go first and you can start creating a more unique 3 series.


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