Give Your F10 a Little M-ish Look with BMW M Performance Accessories

Do you own a new 5 series? For sure you love the car because it is fast, comfortable and makes everyone around you gaze with jealousy. But say, despite its outstanding features you feel that is not enough. You want your 5 series to be even more aggressive than it is. If you want it to look ultra cool, why not try to give it a little M–ish look? Your F10 will look pretty sick with the addition of the right BMW M performance accessories.

You have to pick the right pieces to make your F10 much better that it is. You do not just stop at an auto zone and get some of these for your fenders. Perhaps you have read something on the internet that suggests stickers can add 10hp and that chrome vents works like the real thing, but these are not the right additions to modify your car. You do not want to add something that will only look out of place in your F10 BMW.  So here are a few BMW M performance accessories that will give F10 5 Series BMWs a unique racing character:

M Performance Exhaust. This M performance stainless steel exhaust system is designed to fit the 535i BMWs. If you have a 535i model, then this M performance exhaust system is a great addition to your BMW. It provides a distinctive high tech look, reduced exhaust backpressure and a powerful race car tone.

Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler. Adding this high quality carbon rear deck lid spoiler will give your F10 a customized look. It also enhances the driving dynamics of your car. Adding carbon fiber trunk spoiler to your F10 will capture the feel of the racetrack.

Black Kidney Grilles. This new addition in the M performance accessories lineup will give the front of your F10 a sportier character.

Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers. Love the beauty of genuine carbon fiber materials? These carbon fiber mirror caps will definitely add that unique carbon fiber look to your F10.

M Performance V-Spoke Wheels. This set of lightweight alloy wheels will give your F10 a powerful and exclusive look. Your BMW will surely look pretty sick with these sporty BMW wheels.

If you want to see your F10 5 Series BMW look even more badass, adding M performance accessories is the best choice for superb quality and jazzy innovation. Capture the race track feel with these BMW M performance parts. Would you add any of this stuff to your F10 5 series BMW? Let us know what you think below!


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