BMW Winter Driving Accessories: Get Safely Through the Cold Season with BMW Winter Wheel Set

If you are driving your BMW more than usual this winter you definitely need to consider getting BMW winter driving accessories to get your through the cold, blustery winter time. Winter can be a dangerous time for drivers. The icy condition of winter roads can make traveling a lot harder, especially when your tires do not suite the unique driving environment of the road in winter. If you are still using those performance tires then you are at the point where you need to switch to winter tires for snow and ice.

In an inhospitable cold environment, one of the BMW winter driving accessories you need is a nice set of winter tires. High quality winter wheel sets are the perfect tires to adapt the unique winter roads. Switching to these special tires this winter will enable you to have better grip, steering and handling when the road is in icy condition. High grade winter tires are made of rubber compounds specially designed to adapt cold temperatures and keep that soft and good grip on ice or snow. Winter tires have special thread pattern to ensure good traction and stability on winter roads.

There are two categories of winter tires:

Mechanical grip. This refers to the physical connection of the thread to the ground. This adaptability of the rubber mixture enables it to interlock with the various road conditions. Temperature may affect the adaptability of the rubber compounds, so responsive rubber compounds provides better traction. The thread pattern is another important factor in superb rubber to road surface grip. The tire sipes or microscopic metal spikes on winter wheels works as biting edges in the ice or snow. These bite particles also increase flexibility to the rubber surface, and the effect is a much better grip on ice and snow.

Molecular adhesion. This refers to the bonding between the rubber compound and ground at a molecular level. The chemistry of the tire compound will determine how much cohesion is possible through molecular bonding. For example, the use of Silica to winter tires offers superb wet traction to wet surface because Silica has natural attraction to water molecules.

On icy or snow covered roads, your standard tires are always the weakest link – except when they are quality tires for ice or snow. So, if you want better traction and ideal vehicle handling on winter roads, switch to high quality winter tires. High quality winter wheel set offer improved traction and safe winter driving that will allow you to drive safely on winter roads.  Check out more BMW winter driving accessories now!


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