BMW SUV Accessories Add Style To Your All Wheel Drive BMW SUV

BMW has a lot to be proud about and this include their BMW SUV. BMW is proud of their collection of SUVs and who wouldn’t be since they were able to produce great vehicles for families and car enthusiasts. With their SUVs also comes great BMW SUV accessories that you can add up to even create a more exciting vehicle. Here are just some of them to think about.

1. Running boards. Running boards are also one of the most popular accessories for SUVs since they are particularly useful and would allow easier access to your vehicle’s interior while providing style. A typical running board runs the distance between the wheels and fits up perfectly under the side frame. Running boards come in varying cab sizes and are found in bent metal tubes that are sealed against harsh elements. They are found in chrome, polished steel to provide a gap between the pavement and the cab. The threaded pads will channel water away from the stepping area, which could also provide protection for drivers and passengers.

2. Side step. Side bars are a known must have for BMW SUV accessories. These bars bring convenience and safety to car passengers. It is commonly mounted beneath a tail SUV rocker panels on driver and passenger sides. These bars narrow the gap between the panels and the ground that makes going on and off of the vehicle safer and easier.
3. Car bra. If you want to protect your car, installing a car bra is a must. A car bra is a fitted piece of material that is often made of durable vinyl or leather that wraps around your car’s front end. The job of a car bra is to protect your SUV from dirt, grime, rocks and whatever else may hit your way. Car bras are found custom fit to your vehicle so it would not be difficult to find the right one.

4. Bike rack. If you love to go biking with your friends or family, having a bike rack installed on your SUV is a pretty good choice. There is a large selection of bike racks available in the market and choosing the right one may be a challenge. You will have to think about the number of bikes the rack will carry, and the attachment type whether it is going to be a roof, rear door or trunk. After that decide on your bike rack and have it installed on your SUV. This accessory is a great addition that will fit your busy lifestyle.

These are just a few BMW SUV accessories that you may want to include in your next BMW SUV modifications.






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