Performance BMW Shifters and Levers: A Winning Combination For Your Interior Upgrade

How can you make your BMW stand out even more? Well, for most BMW enthusiasts, knowing what type of replacement can be done even for the interior can create a big difference. There are so many great upgrades that BMW owners can do with their vehicle. You can give a lot of attention to your car exterior, but who said that you cannot change your interior even when it comes to your BMW shifters and levers? So what is the advantage of changing your old shifters and levers to performance class? First, you will have a great advantage of finding your own shifter and lever according to the style you like. And second, you will be able to feel a change on the way you drive.

This is the device used in changing gear. You cannot drive your car even if you are driving an automatic BMW without it. In a manual transmission vehicle, your shifter will normally be done while depressing the clutch pedal to disengage the engine. For automatic vehicles though, there is no need for a clutch pedal.

These shifters and levers are commonly found between the front seats of the vehicle where the driver has an easy access to it. They are located on the center console. Some vehicles however, have their shifter mounted on the steering column, which was once a standard practice for cars in the U.S. However, this has fallen out of style, but can still be seen pick-up trucks, vans, and emergency vehicles. BMW cars usually have their BMW shifters and levers on the center console.

Even with this simple shifter and lever, car enthusiasts can find themselves changing it to the style that they want. For instance, car lovers who knows that a fraction of a second can make a big difference on the speed of their vehicle are mostly inclined to change their shifters with a short shifter. A short throw shifter is made possible by automotive aftermarket geniuses. They are mostly made to replace your old manual transmission stick shift to mechanically reduce time between the changing of gears while accelerating or decelerating.

There are other ways that you can style your BMW shifters and levers. You can choose to replace your old stock with a carbon fiber, chrome, aluminum, genuine BMW shift knob with leather anatomic shape or choose from a wide range of performance short shift kit available in the market today. So if you are looking for a nice BMW interior upgrade that will enhance the way you drive your vehicle, take a look at performance shifters and levers.


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