BMW Modifications – Nice Tuning and Styling Ideas For Your BMW E39 M5

The BMW E39 M5 has been around for 12 years. Yes 12 years in the US. Though this particular BMW has been around for a long time, many are still trying to figure out, especially those new M5 owners, what are the best BMW modifications for the E39 M5. Do you have specific E39 M5 mods in mind? Here are some nice tuning and styling ideas that many mod addicts consider for the E39 M5 BMW.

  • Euro Clear Headlights
  • Performance Exhaust System
  • Short Shifter
  • Brake Upgrades

These are some of the most satisfying BMW modifications you can do to your E39 M5. Why? Well let’s start with the Euro clear headlights. The M5 headlights are one of sections of your car that looks great when modified. Euro clear headlights for the E39 M5 will give the front of your BMW a clean look. The stock headlights have that ugly amber look and it does not look great on a beautiful E39 M5. If you hate the amber look on your BMW headlights then installing Euro clear headlights will make it look nice and neat.

Installing performance BMW exhaust is a great upgrade to the stock exhaust system. An incredible sport sedan powered by a V8 engine should roar, even to a moderate degree. Performance exhaust setup will give your powerful V8 engine a deep intimidating tone and line it up in the level of special breed high performance vehicles.

One of the popular additions to any BMW is the installation of a short shifter. This definitely a nice upgrade because the stock shifter mechanism is sloppy and tall. Installing a short shifter kit will not only make it look much better, but also make every shift of your gear more efficient.

To complement the power of your V8 engine, consider upgrading your brakes or at least pad upgrades. The brakes of the M division vehicles just do not seem to be enough. The heavier chassis of M5 needs more help in the breaking section. There are different brake upgrades – pad upgrades, ancillary upgrades and complete braking system upgrade. A beast like your E39 M5 should have high performance breaks.

These are some mod ideas that you may consider when you want to modify your BMW E39 M5.  These tuning and styling ideas for E39 M5 BMWs are pretty impressive, but there are other BMW modifications that you can do for your M5 to make it look much better.


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