BMW E87 Accessories: Want A More Dynamic and Sporty Look For Your E87?

The way we personally design our automobile says a lot about who we are. If you are driving your own BMW E87, you may want to add accessories to your hatchback to make it even more unique. There are so many BMW E87 accessories that you can definitely add up. Your five-door hatchback can mostly benefit with some added parts. Here are just some cool accessories to think about.

Grills. Your E87 already has installed grills when you got your car for the first time, but that does not mean that you cannot change it. In fact, a lot of BMW enthusiasts change their grills to enhance its looks. BMW is known for their kidney grills. With great looking aftermarket grills, you will be able to show off your E87 easily since onlookers will be able to identify the class of your vehicle even from afar. BMW aftermarket grills are found in matte black, black carbon fiber, chrome grill and titanium grill.

Angel Eyes. Do not worry about your car because angel eyes is a compatible replacement to your old headlight. You just have to take out the  old ones and install the new ones. Installation for the Xenon-white angel eyes can easily be done even by beginners since it is designed with an error free decoder that comes with the package. All you will have is an effortless installation through its plug and play feature.

Carbon fiber hood. This is one BMW E87 accessories that you will be mostly satisfied in choosing. Why? Since this accessory will not just upgrade how your car would look like, but your car performance will greatly improved with its lowered weight, better aerodynamic and greater strength. There are various material choices for carbon fiber hoods such as the dry vacuum woven plastic with carbon fiber vents, single sided carbon fiber, and double sided carbon fiber. You should also choose between open or closed vents, but once you made your decision and you got the right hood, you will be mostly satisfied.

Roof rails. If you love going outdoors with your hatchback and you love bringing big items with you such as your outdoor gear or your bike, then having this accessory should also be in your list. Actually, a lot of families these days, cannot go without not having their own roof rails since they always come in handy.

There are still a lot of BMW E87 accessories out there and these are just a few nice additions. that you may consider. Just make sure that whatever you choose will benefit you and your car in the long run.

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