BMW Bike Rack: An Excellent Accessory To Hold the Bikes Securely

The trend of installing bike racks for cars has been becoming popular in recent years. Probably because a lot of people are becoming active outdoors and the need for their bikes to be transported in the safest and easiest way possible is just becoming common. For BMW owners,  the trend of also installing BMW bike rack is also becoming a common accessory. However, with this trend for bike racks, it is also essential to know the type of rack you will install and how to choose the correct bike rack for your vehicle.

To understand bike racks, there are five main types of bicycle racks for cars and trucks. The type of rack you choose will depend on the type of vehicle you drive since there are a roof mount, truck mount, tire mount and truck bed mount. And then, you will also have to think about the type of bike you have. For instance, a four bike rack can carry 3 bikes with ease, but often the fourth bike may just be squeezed in uncomfortably or not even at all. The reason for this is because the rack is made for specific frames so it may not be suitable for kid’s bikes or ladies bikes. Be certain that the bike frame you choose is best suited to your rack.

It is also suitable to choose a bigger BMW bike rack since they are not expensive compared if you are just going to choose the normal bike rake. Bikers most of the time choose to do biking with family and friends. So if you are planning to just get a bike carrier for just one or two bikes, better get an extra one, suited for three bicycles. Bike racks for BMWs can be commonly found in different shapes and sizes. Better determine the number of bikes the rack will carry. Also determine the amount of load the mounting gears and load bars can handle since you will have to add the weight of the bike to the bike rack to determine if it is within its capacity.

Once you have found the perfect BMW bike rack for your vehicle, better make sure that you know how to properly install the rack. You do not want to damage the paint of your vehicle while doing the installation. Take the necessary precautions to prevent this . one simple solution is by putting a cheap rubber padding and put it in between the frame and car for that extra added protection.


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