Stealth Bulbs – The Perfect Complement To Your Clear or Smoked Corner Lenses

One of the great looking BMW modifications, not to mention one of the least expensive and easiest mods to perform, is swapping out the clunky orange turn signals with Euro clear lenses. Others installed smoked or almost blacked out turn signals and tail lights to complement their car with darker paint schemes. You might have seen a BMW just like yours with retrofitted Euro style lights look pretty amazing. There is no doubt that replacing the stock corner lenses with the clear or smoked version will add a serious dose of unique Euro style look to a BMW. However, your lighting modification will have a styling issue when after you have installed clear or smoked corner lenses on your car there is a hint of that ugly egg yolk look.

The Solution is Stealth Bulbs

There is no denying that Euro style corner lenses and turn signals can easily add more style to BMW vehicles. It is not only the neat Euro look that makes clear lenses very appealing to many BMW owners, but also the solution it brings to eliminate the ugly egg yolk look.  However, if the bulb behind the lens is still the stock or that bright orange bulb, it will still show a hint of egg yolk look.  You have a styling issue there, because the bright orange bulb takes away some of the cool factor of your clear lens.

To avoid making that awkward look on your clear lenses and to highlight the beauty of your lighting upgrade, ditch those bright orange bulbs and install Stealth Bulbs. These turn signal bulbs are designed to match clear or smoked corner lenses. Just like its brand name “Stealth”, these silver coated bulbs display an almost completely invisible look when not lit. The bulb’s invisible quality helps to hide the bulb behind the clear lens and when it is activated the bulb glows bright amber.

How does this special turn signal bulb work? The special metallic coating of the bulb makes it look invisible and hides the amber color from the outside, but the amber colored light shine through when lit. Stealth Bulbs are so advanced and coated with perfection by a hired NASA contractor. So these bulbs are not cheap imitations.

So if you have clear or smoked lenses installed on your BMW, your lighting upgrade will be complete when you have Stealth bulbs behind those lenses.  Take full advantage of your clear or smoked lenses, add these special turn signal bulbs to your lighting upgrade.


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