Want To Give Your E46 The Biggest Advantage? Get E46 BMW Performance Parts!

If you are driving a BMW E46, you definitely know that excellent performance, power and elegance make this 3-Series BMW model a front runner. Despite all the great features of the E46, you can give this car the biggest advantage. Those who drive this car with stock performance parts can enhance them with E46 BMW performance parts to improve its overall performance.   There are E46 BMW performance upgrades to make your car faster than before.

There is a good selection of E46 performance parts and accessories to fill the needs of every E46 drivers. However, if you do not know where to start you may want to consider the best modifications to boost your BMW E46’s engine performance.

-          The factory exhaust is restrictive and replacing it with high performing exhaust system will give your E46 a nice looking exhaust tip and added power.  Upgrading your stock exhaust system can help increase engine power and torque. There are popular brands that offer high quality BMW performance exhaust. This upgrade will also make your sound better with smooth deep tone. Some performance exhausts are designed to be lighter than the stock. Look for the best performing exhaust system to be sure they are made to last.

-          Replacing the stock air intake tube with cold air intake will surely complement your upgraded E46 exhaust system.  Performance air intake can add more power to your car. You may also choose a custom designed air intake for a much more improved airflow to the turbo or throttle.

-          Upgrading the software will maximize your E46 BMW performance upgrade. Updating the software help improve overtaking acceleration. Getting the best performance programmer will give your E46 smoother acceleration and no flat spots. It also improves throttle response and fuel economy.

All together, these performance upgrades make the most effective E46 performance mod for superior engine performance. The best thing about these E46 BMW performance parts is that you can get them all in one perfect deal. You can take advantage of E46 performance bundle and save some money. On the other hand, if you are kind of conservative with your budget, you may start getting these performance items separately until you complete your E46 performance upgrade.

Adding performance exhaust, cold air intake and software upgrade will surely give you the improved performance you want from your car. If you want the most effective performance mod for your E46, get these E46 BMW performance partsto further maximize performance gain.


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