Give Your 1er an Updated Rear End Look with Cool E82 1 Series Tail Lights

Every part of your lighting system plays a very important role on how your car will look like and how safe you can make your Beemer. Such car parts are not just necessary at night, but they should also be reliable during the day. Your lighting system will help in conveying a variety of signals to the drivers on your front, side and back. Those who are behind you, would be able to estimate your running speed by just viewing your tail lights. Because of this, it is just necessary that your E82 1 series tail lights are given the attention it needs.

You may want considering replacing or modifying the tail lights of your E82. It has been actually almost five years since the E82 was released. So by now, replacing your E82 1 series tail lights may be one of your concerns. You will need a really good set of tail lights just like how you upgraded your headlights in order to drive safely. And while you are thinking the need for replacement, you should also not forget that this is the time where your vehicle can stand out.

One of the most concerns for any tail lights is that they have that ugly yellow yoke visible on the top of the red light. Even when it is not on, those amber lenses look out of place for an elegant car. A common solution for this is to have them replaced with smoke or clear lenses.

Clear lenses mean that the dated yellow lenses are gone. All you will have are literally clear lenses. But do not worry because while the housing looks different, the purpose of the tail light is still the same. Those at your back will be able to see your signals in yellow light without creating any problems for you. Smoke lenses on the other hand, provide the same concept and use. The only difference they have is that the upper lens is somehow tinted so that you will not be able to see what they actually have inside.

Both clear and smoke lenses are famous for tail lights since they do not just provide flare at the back of your car, but they also provide brighter lights especially if you are going to use LED. An advantage with the use of LED lights is that they are very bright and last long so it may take years again before you replace your tail lights into a new pair. Give your 1er an update with these unique E82 1 series tail lights.


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