E46 BMW Aftermarket Parts and Upgrades: Are You Secretly Craving For More Power And Speed?

If you own a BMW, for sure you see your elegant car more than just a car. Many BMW owners see their car as a mirror of their personal style and that is why there so many different aftermarket BMW parts to suit every driver’s needs. Depending on the changes you want to see on your BMW, whether it be performance or style, you can find BMW aftermarket parts and upgrades right for your car.

If you fall into the category of serious driving enthusiast s who secretly crave for more power and speed, there are simple ways you can do to boost your BMW’s engine power. You might want to consider these performance driven BMW aftermarket parts and upgrades for E46 BMWs.

Cold air intake

If you want to add some extra muscle from your BMW E46, replace your stock air box with high flow intake system. The function of your stock air box is restricted and upgrading it with high flow intake system will make the work of your engine much easier. Is this enough to make noticeable engine power gains? The truth is not really much, if any. But there are other pieces that will complement your air intake system upgrade.

Performance headers for engine

Replacing your factory exhaust manifold with performance headers will allow a more direct flow for exhaust gasses out the engine. Headers control your exhaust pulses from scrambling as they leave the head. The headers work that way allowing your get more power and torque.  BMW headers are great additions if you are working on engine modifications. Together with a cold air intake, headers bring that free flowing exhaust needed to achieve that added engine power.

Performance exhaust system

Upgrading your stock exhaust will give your BMW unrestricted power and torque for that added engine power and exhaust efficiency. Also, you will like the race tone of performance exhaust system.

When these performance parts are all together, you will feel a much more noticeable difference. Include software tuning in your upgrades and your BMW will be more race ready.

So how can you have confidence in your upgrades? Look for top of the line BMW aftermarket parts and upgrades to make the most out of your BMW performance upgrade. In addition, turn to reputable companies that sell BMW parts and accessories.

Do you have a specific E46 upgrade in mind? Make it happen by adding BMW aftermarket parts and upgrades for your BMW E46.


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