Are You Curious About The E36 E46 Differences?

The E36 and E46 both belong to the BMW’s 3 Series. These cars consist of midsize vehicles and upscale ones. They were made in coupe, convertible sedan, hatchback and station wagon body styles. The E36 was first made for sale in 1990 until 1998. The E48 replaced the E38 in 1998. If you are a fan of both, you might also be curious about the E36 E46 differences.

You could say that the E36 and E46 are sisters since the E46 just came right after the E36 left. E36 is considered more raw and feel more connected while the E46 has more interior room and is more easier on the eyes. However, if you want more driving pleasure, choose the E36. If you want luxury and a sporty looking car, then choose the E46. The main difference that a lot of car owners could say about the two is that there are quite a few more electronics in the E46. So, the E46 may have a change of something going wrong with it electronically. But, mechanically, the two are almost identical.

The E36 E46 differences may still depend on what you want on your car. Both of them however, would still have the same problems such as with the cooling system, rear sub-frame, bushing and so on. Both of them will also need modifications and accessories just like any other car. Car owners preferences over these two vehicles may still be undecided because some of them prefer the first car over the second, but both of them have their own advantages and also disadvantages.

Some car owners prefer the E36 because it is better looking. Some of its advantages are the diffs are plug and play, the E36 comes with most bolt to just come right easily not the same with the E46, its steering feel is spot on, and if you want to put your own modified suspension, then choose an E36.

The E46 on the other hand are more loved by a lot of car owners. It even won the “Best of the Year” throughout its life. But that does not mean that a lot of them would prefer the E46 over the E36. In truth, most of them love both cars and have owned the E36 before changing to E46. A lot are satisfied with E46 because the car is certainly more modern and BMW upgrades are easy to do.


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