BMW Lighting Upgrades That Highlighted the Natural Beauty Of BMW’s Light Design

One of the BMW modifications that brings immediate impact to your car’s look is the BMW lighting upgrades.  Updating your driving lights will give you brighter and clearer lighting, not to mention a unique style of lighting. There is no doubt why many BMW owners choose to upgrade their car lights.

Corner Lenses and Turn Signals

Sprinkle style to your BMW lights by upgrading the corner lenses and turn signals. Replacing them with clear lenses will take away that odd yellow look in your lights. If you are a fan of Euro style lights then you should have clear or smoked lenses installed in your BMW. These unique corner lenses and turn signals sure looks better than the original.

If you are driving a BMW model from the 90′s – specifically, an E30, E34, E36, E39 or an E46, swapping out the fugly yellow look corner lenses and turn signals will give your BMW a modern style BMW lighting. The thing about BMW lighting upgrades is that you do not need to spend big time to give your car a brand new look.

If your BMW still have those standard headlights, which have dull yellow lights, you may opt for Angel Eye upgrade or upgrade your standard driving lights to HID.

Angel Eyes

One of BMW’s iconic styling for years was the use of four round headlights on almost every BMW vehicle. The glowing round rings a accented the natural beauty of BMW’s light design. These angel eyes or halo’s provides stunning display of lighting especially at twilight. Now that we have an wide range or replacement halo lights, you can install the same set of lights that you see in modern cars. These upgrades are available for almost every BMW model.

Angel eyes installation is a bit more involved than the other modifications. You will have to remove your current set of headlights and replace them entirely with new ones that feature the Halo look. Depending upon which BMW you own, this can be a fairly complicated procedure that might entail disassembling some of the front body trim and removing the grille. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of removing that many parts from your car, you can usually have these lights installed by a local mechanic or independent BMW shop.


The ultimate BMW lighting upgrade that you can make to your elegant car is to upgrade your standard headlights to an HID system. HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights differ from standard headlights in that they use an arc of electricity sealed in an ionized gas – usually xenon – instead of a filament to produce a very bright and natural looking light. If that sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry – you are already familiar with HID lights. They are the bright, white-looking headlights you come across in the other lane when driving at night, the ones that outperform the standard bulbs in your car by a fair margin.

Installing HID lights makes sense both aesthetically and from a safety point of view – not only do they look great, but they provide a much greater cone of visibility in the darkness, which lets you drive with increased peace of mind. Many BMW’s came with HID’s right from the factory, but for those that didn’t there are a number of kits available to retrofit them into almost any model.

After all, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the same hot look enjoyed by newer BMW’s at a fraction of the cost. BMW lighting upgrades will make your BMW’s light design more appealing, and most of all improve the safety of your car.


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