BMW E82 1 Series Accessories – Set your BMW E82 Apart From Every Other Boring STOCK BMW Out There

The BMW E82 1 series became popular in the United States and in Canada in 2008. BMW introduced this vehicle with a combination of equipment and efficient dynamics that can reduce fuel consumption. This coupe is made longer than the hatch, but is made shorter than the 3-series coupe. With its still great equipment installed in this vehicle, you may not think that it does not need improvement. All car enthusiasts know that they can do better than what they already have, and this is where you can add E82 1 series accessories to your prized vehicle. So where do you start?

There are actually a lot of BMW accessories that you can put on and in your BMW E82. You can have light accessories installed, some exterior and interior modifications, or just change your wheels to a new set.

For your light accessories you can have the angel eyes. This lighting accessory is a good upgrade to that yellowish look that is usually seen on cheap ring markers. A good quality angel eye should have its Xenon white HID or high intensity discharge light that comes up with a specially designed error-free decoder. You can also improve your corner lenses, sidemarkers and even your tail lights that are specially design for your vehicle. You can have chrome corner lens that are silver when it is turned off and colored amber when lit.

For your exterior modifications, you may want to get the latest E82 front grills. Grills actually tell the brand of the car. Even from afar, people will notice that you are driving a BMW just because of the front grills. These distinctive grills can be found in different colors and style. You can also find these grills in carbon fiber, matte black, black out and shadow line.

When it comes to your car interior and if your budget permits you, you can go and upgrade the audio and video of your car. Your E82 1 series may still be equipped with the latest in audio equipment, but having additional E82 1 series accessories for it will really boost your driving experience. You can have your iPod and iPhone be integrated with your sound system and have some additional speakers while you are at it.

And finally, when you change your wheels, you have the opportunity to choose from the different great manufacturers of wheels and rims. You can have them customized to your satisfaction and have the final E82 1 series accessories complete. Adding these accessories to your E82 will definitely set your car apart from every boring stock BMW out there.


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