BMW E46 M3 Parts: Demonstrate Your Dedication To Your M3 With Some Nice E46 M3 Upgrades

BMW is known to be one of the best cars to date. You can expect their cars will sell like pancakes every time a new model arrives. And with the demand for BMW cars, you can also expect that car owners will also want to find great parts for their vehicle. in particular, if you are driving a BMW E46, you know that you will also be needing some parts for upgrades especially if you want to make your car to look great. So how will you add BMW E46 M3 parts? Well first, you need to decide what parts to add.

Since your car is still up to date, you may find that the added parts you will search for are just additional accessories. However, these additional parts can greatly impact the way your car will look especially when you find the right parts to add. Here is a list of BMW E46 M3 parts that you can consider as upgrades:

1. Wheels. It is common for factory wheels to be sporty, but they are made heavy. That is why a lot of car enthusiasts choose to find a different set of wheels and rims for their BMW. The great side about this is that there are a lot of aftermarket BMW wheels available. Replacements such as DPE Wheels, MRR, TSW Nusburging Wheels, Velocity motoring Wheels, HRE Wheels,  Vorsteiner Wheels and so on can be your goal as your new set of wheels.

If you want to have forged wheels, you can go with DPE Wheels, HRE Wheels, Vorsteiner Wheels or ADV Wheels. These manufacturers provide high end quality custom 3 piece forged and 1 piece forged wheels. They will mostly listen to you and the specifications that you want them to make for you.

2. Carbon fiber parts. You can never go wrong with adding carbon fiber hood to your E46. If you do not  want carbon fiber hoods, there are also other carbon parts that you can also consider. However, carbon fiber hoods are the most popular modification that you can do with your car since they are known to reduce weight while still providing style for your vehicle. There are so many styles made for this vehicle and different prices to choose from so whatever style you choose, you know that your budget will suit you well.

There are still a lot BMW E46 M3 parts that you can also think about like suspension modifications, headlights, and performance modifications. It is your choice on what part you will change. Make sure though that your parts will greatly improve your car as how it is supposed to be.


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