Exhaust Tips: Give Your Tailpipe an Awesome Look with Chrome Black Exhaust Tip

If you are going to change your exhaust tip anytime soon, a great option is to have a chrome black exhaust tip instead. Exhaust tips with head turning finishes will give your tailpipe a hot look. Chrome black exhaust tips will make the back side of your vehicle look awesome.

The chrome black exhaust tips are absolutely beautiful!

Chrome black exhaust tips are just the same as any normal chrome, but they are just given colored chemicals during its electroplating process, which provides that black finish, smoky look. Not so long ago, when chrome/black exhaust tip was first introduced, the finish had a tendency to fade overtime. However, changes in how they are manufactured brought its popularity back again because  such chrome exhaust tips have black, smoky finish that do not fade even during relentless use of the vehicle.

To just differentiate the chrome black exhaust tip from the stainless steel exhaust tip, the stainless steel exhaust tip is mostly made out of stainless steel and do not have any type of coating. Stainless steel exhaust tips are commonly found with a brushed finish that is shiny as having a polished look. Stainless steel also has a visible brush mark, which gives a nice texture to the finish. This type of exhaust tip is commonly used for any vehicle than the black chrome exhaust tip.

If you want to be different though and if you want your vehicle to further excel in style and uniqueness, chrome black exhaust tip is just your choice. This type of exhaust tip is also made of aluminum or steel and they are created to have a hard surface characteristic. The only challenge for this type of exhaust tip is that they just have a limited selection. So when searching for chrome black exhaust tip, make sure that you ask question to your dealer if they have what you are looking for. Make sure that you have also measure the outside diameter of your existing exhaust pipe. The diameter of the actual opening of the exhaust tip you are going to buy will have to be large enough to slip over your existing exhaust.

When it comes to the installation of your chrome black exhaust tip, it is installed the same way as how a normal exhaust pipe is put on. You should also go to a muffler shop and have it welded on, to make the installation permanent.

So when you are searching for a nice piece of exhaust tip for your elegant car, get chrome black exhaust tip for that show stopping advantage and aggressive look. Getting these hot looking exhaust tips will surely add style to your tailpipe.


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