E46 Upgrades – Give Your E46 A Much Better Look With MTech II Style Bumpers

Do you see some scratches or a minor dent on your E46 front bumper? To most people, these small blemishes on the OEM front bumper are not bad. But if it bothers you, then you might want to consider refining your front bumper. You can have your bumper repainted, but for a few additional money you can enhance your existing bumper with a better one. Your E46 will look much better with MTech II Style Bumpers.

Nice Looking MTech II Front Bumper

If you are looking to give your tired BMW E46 a new aggressive front end look, then upgrading your existing bumper to MTech 2 front bumper is a great way to achieve it.  Replacing your stock bumpers with the highly popular MTech II Style Bumpers will make your E46 look a lot better than stock.

Many BMW enthusiasts like the features of MTech bumpers. They like the OEM styling of these bumpers and its flawless fitment. MTech II Style front bumpers matches the E46 bumper mounting points so they will fit any non-M3 E46. This bumper is made for the 88-91 E46 models, but it can be installed to 84-87 E46 models with minor modifications.

These high quality bumper replacements are made of Polypropylene. This material is not cheap fiberglass, in fact it has high flex quality like OEM. The kit usually includes bumper grille and fog lights. Other kits may include parts such as lights, canards, splitters, paint and other accessories. Heavily modified E46 may require these additional pieces.

How about the installation? Well, installation is pretty straight forward. If you are a DIY guy, then you can do the install. You can look on forums and watch videos on how to install it. Also, they do not come painted so it is best to test fit it before you have it painted.

Body kits do make a big difference. Adding body kits to your E46 is a great way to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd and make a real stunning impression. Give your BMW E46 a sporty OEM look with MTech II Style Bumpers.  You will love what these nice-looking bumpers can do to your E46. But do not stop with BMW E46 MTech II style bumpers, you can find other BMW mods that can transform your car into a real show stopper. There are many E46 upgrades to choose from, exterior parts, interior parts, performance parts and more.

Get a brand new MTech II bumper now and transform your BMW E46 into an absolute stunner!


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