E39 Fog Lights – Upgrade Your Dull Current Setup To Cool Aftermarket Fog Lights

The use of fog lights to cars is important so that it can help the headlight in improving the visibility of the driver especially in poor foggy or extreme weather conditions. They are usually placed on the front vehicle and is located beneath the headlights. Fog lights are not the same as headlamps because these two are different from each other in shape, components and even material. The usual shape of fog lamps are spherical in shape and usually have simple components. If you are also driving an E39 BMW, you can also enjoy the benefit of updating your E39 fog lights.

You still have great options when it comes to fog lights. Most commonly, your fog lights can be found with incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs without any addends on it. But, if you are going to upgrade your E39 to aftermarket parts, you may want to use HID lights that are far better than the old incandescent bulbs. Even if you are not driving an E39, you will be able to get the right HID bulbs for your fog light because most aftermarket companies design HID bulbs to cater any car model, make and model year.

Aftermarket HID lights are made with HID bulbs with street-legal color temperature so there is no doubt that you can drive you new E39 fog lights wherever because they are street legal. They also have a clear projector to make the light concentrate on the road surface while the decorative CCFL angel eyes will make the overall look of the light beautiful.

Another type of E39 fog lights that you can also use in your vehicle are the LED bulbs. LED bulbs also contain great luminosity that is perfect for night driving. Since fog lights are mainly designed as an accessory, your car may also benefit from this especially if you live in a city where these lights are not required.

So, if you are looking to replace or upgrade your M5’s stock, cracked or damaged fog lights, these updated E39 fog lights are great replacements for your current setup. You can easily notice the big difference when you compare these updated E39 fog lights and your stock fog lights. Whether you go for LED or HID fog lights, you can be sure that they are better than the stock fog lights that are on currently on your E39. Go ahead upgrade your E39 fog lights to cool aftermarket fog lights now!


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