E36 Corner Lenses – Enhance the Look Of Your BMW 3 (E36) By Modifying The Corner Lenses

Modifying your BMW E36 will just give your vehicle that added personality and style. Some car owners may not find that updating your lights is not that important as changing the set of your wheels. However, your lights can create a different sophisticated look to your BMW that your wheels cannot provide. Your headlights, taillights, side markers, corner lenses, fog lights have all different purposes. When it comes to your E36 corner lenses, your vehicle will have the opportunity to shine while still providing you that safe feature.

Modifying your E36 corner lenses give your BMW a different look.

Each modification is different and changing your corner lenses from your old amber look will just give it that solid look. Your corner lenses main job is to signal the other cars that you are turning left or turning right before you even do it thus making them and your vehicle safe from possible accidents. The factory OEM lights that go with your E36 may be satisfying enough, but do you know that corner lenses are one of the cheapest lights that you can provide your BMW? This mod is not going to cost you a lot. You can easily upgrade your E36 corner lenses with the lights of your specifications.

One type of E36 corner lenses that is getting attention is the clear corner lenses. No more ugly orange egg-yolk look to your car because they will be replaced by clear lenses, and do not forget to use chrome bulbs for your clear corners. This is an effective way to enhance the look of your vehicle without the normal egg yolk color we find in most vehicles. These chrome-coated bulbs will provide your corner lenses with a silver mirror look when they are not lit thus making an impression that there is no bulb in the socket. Of course, it will still blink amber.

What are the advantages of using chrome bulbs to your clear corner lenses and side markers? Well, for one thing, your E36 will look real cool! They are also inexpensive and a simple way of modifying your Beemer. These bulbs are also street legal since they still give that amber blink when in use and they are 100% DOT approved. These modified E36 corner lenses will improve the quality of your car and they are the kind of style that will simply stand out. This is the reason why a lot of BMW enthusiasts are going for clear lenses since they fall in love with it easily.


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