Bring Out Your BMW Wheels Even More With Caliper Covers

Not so long ago, mechanical components found in larger diameter wheels are made hidden. This is because they are mostly found rusty and dirty thus it would not look good even for a shiny car. What we are referring to are the caliper covers that are making wheels to look far better. With the right color and style for these covers your driving style is complete.

All vehicles have calipers, but most of them are not modified to the ones we mostly see shiny and glittering in colors of red and blue. Some car owners find a solution of just painting their caliper instead of just modifying it. So, which is better modifying the caliper by painting it or just relying on caliper covers?

If you are considering on painting your caliper, you have to clean them first before you can event paint them. You will need to get rid all of the rust that is in them. Some remove the calipers so that they can thoroughly clean them. After that, you can paint the calipers with a use of an aerosol can. The downside to painting is that you will have to wait for a long time before you can assemble them back on your car because you need to wait until it is dried. And even if it is already dry, you do not have the guarantee that the paint will last long since it is not uncommon to find caliper paint to peel off.

When purchasing new caliper covers, you will have a huge advantage of not thinking that the shine will fade since the color finishes are powder coated and stainless steel is polished to a mirror like finish. Even if you use your vehicle in rugged condition, your caliper covers will still stay the same. Not like painting, the cover installation is not time consuming. You will probably need ten minutes per wheel compared to the cleaning and painting that you might do if you paint your calipers. You do not have to remove the calipers since you will just secure the covers.

These caliper covers are not just meant to make your car look good although you car will really have that added points once you have them. But they also help in reducing the amount of brake dust that comes to your wheels, and of course make your BMW wheels and rims look much better.


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