BMW Sidemarkers: Complete the Updated Look of Your Vehicle with Clear or Smoked Sidemarkers

The importance of putting side markers will help pedestrians and other running vehicles to know the presence of your vehicle. It is necessary that your vehicle’s presence, position and travel direction is known in every angle. The lights in your vehicle will help in improving this thus side markers should also be acknowledged. The challenge though is that most auto lighting elements you may find on your vehicle may not give that sufficient amber light that can help in warning other road users of your presence. And this is where your choice for clear or smoked BMW sidemarkers would come in.

Updated sidemarkers look much better than the stock.

Your stock BMW sidemarkers may not provide you with the best style because of its old yellowish look. The new style for lights these days is the use of clear or smoked side markers. What is the difference between clear and smoked sidemarkers? These two types of side markers provide a new clean look to your vehicle, thus a lot of people choose to purchase such side markers and install the sidemarkers themselves. The two types of side markers also differ and it will depend on what type of sidemarkers you want to install on your vehicle.

Smoked sidemarkers are becoming very popular these days. Smoked lenses mean that it will have a darker glass. Just like when your windows are tinted. Nobody can see you from the inside, but you can see everyone outside. The darker the tint is, the less visibility you will be able to see the bulbs itself. Actually every part of your exterior lighting can be smoked. You can have your headlights smoke, your tail lights and other components of your lighting to work with smoked. Car enthusiasts go for smoked lenses because of its aggressive look and its effect especially for dark themed cars.

Clear sidemarkers on the other hand, have a clear housing on it, which you would be able to see the bulb and the design of the inside. This will improve the style and feel of the vehicle itself. The neat look and effect of clear lenses makes it very appealing for those looking to clear up the look of their vehicles. However, make sure that you buy a nice set of clear lenses for the vehicle and not install cheap looking chrome bulbs.

The use of clear or smoked sidemarkers will change how you see side markers since they have bulbs, which mostly creates a bright white light. Some of them even use bright led bulbs that have strong brightness and has their own power saving ability that makes you even save more money for your lights. Updating your BMW sidemarkers will give your car a completely unique look.


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