BMW Side Markers – Complete The Aggressive Black Out Look Of Your Corner Lenses With Smoked Side Markers

Are the amber colored turn signals distracting the sleek look of your BMW? Do you envy those BMWs with nice Euro look? One of the coolest enhancements many owners and enthusiasts do to their BMW is clearing up the amber colored corner lenses with clear corner lenses. Clearing up your BMW’s lighting with clear corners will eliminate those ugly amber lenses. If you love the aggressive black out look of smoked corners lenses then add the sleek smoked side markers. Adding smoked side markers to your smoked corner lenses will not only eliminate the ugly amber look in your turn signal lenses, but also complete that aggressive stealthy styling.

It looks pretty great!

Side markers provide that added light to make your car more visible on the road. Your side markers can give your elegant car added sophistication that goes with all BMW brand vehicles. Adding smoked side markers to your smoked corner lenses will give that black out look a much complete look.

In case your OEM side marker damaged, do not let it ruin the beauty of your black out theme. If you are looking for side marker replacement or just want to update the old looking amber lenses then get high quality smoked side marker kit to match your smoked corner lenses and tail lights.

Replacing your stock side markers is a simple do-it-yourself that requires a flat head screw driver. Simply slide the side marker to the left and pull it out. It will only take five minutes to install the side markers. Updating your side markers is a quick and easy process and the results are amazing.

They look great with chrome turn side marker bulbs. These chrome bulbs have that mirror like quality to make your smoked side markers look completely neat. These bulbs look invisible when off and bright amber when on. Your side marker will surely look much better with chrome bulbs in it. Upgrading the stock side marker bulb with chrome bulb will complete the mod.

So, if you want to see the best out of your smoked turn signal lenses then get smoked side markers to create that complete cool stealthy look. The best thing about this addition is that you can make your BMW stand out from the crowd without breaking your bank. Get European look side marker kit and give your BMW the style it deserves and an absolutely stunning look.

Update the side profile of your BMW with smoked side markers now!


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