BMW Short Shifter Kit – Feel the Power and Satisfaction of Short Stick Shift

For sports and car enthusiasts, seconds really matters. Even a millisecond may result to winning or losing. With this in mind, most of these car enthusiasts consider upgrading even their shift knobs and what better way to improve the car is by choosing a short shifter kit. This modification is mostly common for manual transmission vehicles  by replacing the existing stick shift or by replacing the entire stick shift. So what is the use of this short shifter and would it really benefit the car itself?

A short shifter mostly works just like a normal shift knob. The difference though, is the reduce distance your hand will move to engage on the next gear. This will result in reducing the amount of time spent in shifting thus reducing wasted time between shifts and will result to better driving performance. Some think that the short shifter was just chopped off so that they can create a shorter version of it, but this is of course not true.

The purpose of this complete kit is to reduce time between the changing of gears while accelerating or decelerating. Since most factory cars come with the long shift handle, car enthusiasts feel that they can improve their vehicle’s performance by changing to a shorter type of stick. A short shift kit will allow drivers to lower throw while it decreases the angle of the handle while your hand switch gears. Reducing the angle that the shaft goes through between gears, and shortening the distance of shift change makes it quick and easy driving enthusiasts.

Changing to a short shifter kit will also make the whole car look sportier and this is one advantage a lot of car lovers take advantage. The next step for this type of modification is if they will just modify the existing stick shift of if they will go and change the whole part. Great to know that there are a lot of aftermarket companies that support such modification thus making the decision making easier. However, you could choose to get a short shifter kit and install it yourself.

Installation for this modification is also easy and simple especially if you like to modify your car. The entire process will just take you an hour and may be a couple more if you are not familiar with internal mechanics. But, once you have changed your stick shift into a short shifter you can immediately feel the power it gives thus letting you satisfy with this modification. If you are looking for smoother gearbox transition get a short shifter kit!


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