BMW Shark Fin Antenna: Looking For a Unique and Upscale Replacement to Your Horse Whip Antenna?

If you are tired of the old stock of horse whip antenna better consider getting shark fin antenna. In truth, most cars these days can easily install their iPod and may have an optional satellite radio so a lot may just be satisfied with the ordinary antenna you have with your car. Antennas are still important even if you have all the latest audio equipment you have in your vehicle. Replacing your old horse whip antenna with shark fin antenna  will give your elegant car a unique and upscale look. It also provides you with better reception for your car radio and would still give you important traffic updates and local news.

2006 BMW 5-series fully functioning shark fin antenna.

This antenna is created with a sleek, shark fin style that can match perfectly onto your vehicle. This compact replacement for your old horse whip antenna is also easy to install. You can easily do it yourself without breaking a sweat. If you are going to change your stock antenna, you will first need to find full functioning AM/FM shark fin antenna. You can actually purchase such antenna on your local store, but to make the process easier and faster, you can purchase shark fin radio antenna online.

After you have the right shark fin antenna for you, your next step is to install it on your vehicle. As said, the process of installation is easy. You will just need to unscrew the existing rear roof antenna, and then put in your new shark fin style antenna. The old antenna is mostly in one place, so when you unscrew it, you can easily take it off. You can also apply a rubbing alcohol with the use of a paper towel or blue shop towel to clean the entire surface where you will be putting the new antenna. You can also use the 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner if your car is waxed. Just remove the wax from where you are going to install the shark fin antenna and you are ready to go.

Place the shark fin over the antenna base and make sure that this position is exact so that you can easily position the antenna connection area. You will also have to prepare and place around all four side of the base of the antenna some painter’s paint or masking tape. This is needed to make sure that the front end is place where it is supposed to be. The last step is to peel the pre-slit paper that is under the adhesive gasket.  You can easily pill it off and place your shark fin antenna to the area where you carefully cleaned. It’s that easy.


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