BMW Replacement Fog Lights: White or Yellow Fog Lights?

In coastal areas, fog is a real problem. If you live in foggy land areas then you have to make sure that your fog lights are working. Since fog lights are located just a few inches from the ground, they may become blurred or cracked and damaged. When your BMW fog lights are no longer in good condition, then you have to replace your OEM fog lights as soon as possible. You can find BMW replacement fog lights on the internet. You know there are various styles of fog lights for you to choose from. You can install clear/white or yellow fog lights?

Fog lights are just one type of auxiliary light. However, when it comes to fog lights, people always think of fog. While fog lights are useful in fog, there are other functions other than that. They are also useful under bad weather conditions and enhance side light for cornering. Though they are designed to help drivers increase road visibility in foggy condition or any other glare-causing conditions.

Since you have the option to install clear or yellow fog lights, which of the two is better? Many experienced poor-weather drivers believe that yellow fog lights seem to work better than the white ones because of the theory that yellow light penetrates fog better and reflects less off fog particles. Actually, all colors of light bounces off of fog particles because they are so big, so having yellow light instead of clear or white light gives the driver no advantage.

In order to get the best out of your BMW fog lights, you have to use and aim them correctly. One way to maximize the use of your fog lights is to aim the fog light pattern crossing each other. This mean the left light is aimed to the right side, and the left light aimed to the left side. This gives you equal amount of light to each side for cornering and at the same time gives you reasonable distance of brighter front light. Also, it is important to keep them clean. Road dirt, mud and snow can cut the light between 50 to 90 percent.

So how would you know which one is good for you? You can start with these questions: What do you drive? Where and what kinds of roads are in the area? Do you want to use fog lights because of the weather drive in? Or just want to look cool when you are cruising? These questions will help you determine which type of fog light is right for you. And remember, when you are looking to replace or update your BMW OEM fog lights with clear or yellow fog lights, get a set of high quality fog lights.


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