BMW Painted Parts: Give Your BMW A Subtle Upgrade That Makes A Huge Difference With Painted Reflectors

So what is the real use of car reflectors? The purpose of reflectors is to make the dimension of your vehicle visible even in places where the conditions of lighting is poor. A vehicle with a reflector will alert other vehicles on the road up to three times its distance because it reflects lights with the use of the headlights of the oncoming vehicle. Such reflectors are found useful especially in rural areas where streetlamps are not common. Most common reflectors are found having that egg yolk finish. However, new styles of reflectors are available for those looking for new options. Painted reflectors are the new style that many car enthusiasts are opting for.

These painted reflectors no longer functions as reflectors. Body colored reflectors no longer have their reflective qualities, but they sure look great on your beautifully painted car. They do not have those nasty orange or yellow look and blend perfectly with your bumper.

Why would you want to get rid of those  nasty amber colored lenses? Because those orange colored lenses look like a sore on your elegant car. They look dated and out of place for an elegant car like your BMW. Changing out your amber colored lenses will give your car a clean look. Perhaps you have already switched from amber to clear or smoked lenses on your car, and to complete the mod do not forget to include BMW painted reflectors. Since it does not have the old  orange to yellow color, new body colored reflectors will just blend to the car while still providing style.

Updating your amber colored reflectors is a simple do-it-yourself project that will only take a few minutes. The original BMW reflectors can be removed easily. No need to use tools to remove the old reflector, just pop out the old one and pop in the new one.

Do not be fooled when shopping for painted reflectors. There are cheap imitations that easily break or fall so make sure that you get the highest quality and fitment to your car.

Refresh your BMW accessory with painted parts and see the big difference that this simple upgrade can do to your elegant car. Though these painted reflectors do not work as a reflector, you will like the neat look that it brings to your BMW. This is a nice upgrade especially if you love to look at your car every day.


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